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What about those who use both electronic and traditional cigarettes at the same time – New research answers

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People who use both traditional and e-cigarettes at the same time, ie smokers and smokers at the same time, do not reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and have no general health benefits compared to those who only smoke, according to a new US scientific study./p>

Conventional cigarettes have been proven for years to be associated with a wide range of serious health problems. Almost one in five deaths each year is associated with smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke. Electronic cigarettes, par & # 8217; which also contain many toxic chemicals, are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to nicotine.

Lead researcher Andrew Stokes of the Boston University School of Public Health, published in the American Heart Association (AHA) Circulation, said: “It is common for people to try to turn away from traditional in the e-cigarette and eventually use both. “The fact that this dual use poses a similar cardiovascular risk to cigarette smoking alone is an important finding, as many people start e-cigarette in an effort to reduce smoking by doing something they consider to be less risky.”

The study was performed on more than 24,000 adults (50% under the age of 35) and took into account cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, coronary artery bypass surgery, diagnosis of heart failure, stroke, etc. As it turned out, in relation to those who were only traditional smokers, those who were also vaporizers did not have a significant difference in the likelihood of a heart attack or related disease.

On the other hand, compared to exclusive traditional smokers, exclusive vaporizers (e-cigarette users) had a 30% to 40% lower cardiovascular risk. Par & # 8217; “People should be aware that e-cigarettes contain addictive nicotine and toxic chemicals that can be harmful to their cardiovascular system and overall health,” said Dr. Rose Marie Robertson of the AHA. >

Stokes added that “many smokers trying to use e-cigarettes to quit the traditional cigarette, in fact, continue to use both products, becoming dual users, resulting in do not see a reduction in cardiovascular risk “.

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