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What actions will be funded for the green economy

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What actions will be funded for the green economy

In connection with the policy for the transition to the green economy (€ 422 million), the sustainability and the achievement of the national targets for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for 2030, reforms will be promoted under the draft for the Recovery Fund. climate and energy, sustainable transport, water management, the environment and biodiversity.

In particular, investments in climate neutrality will be promoted through energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, sustainable, accessible and intelligent transport through infrastructure, technological upgrades and the promotion of e-mobility, and improvements in water efficiency and waste water reduction.

Most of the funds will go to climate neutrality, energy efficiency and renewable energy policies (€ 213.5 million). Among the reforms promoted are the imposition of a green tax – carbon tax, the opening of the electricity market to competition and the adoption of RES as well as the creation of digital one-stop shops for the rationalization and assistance of RES projects. Investments in a green economy (which are expected to be financed with the aforementioned EUR 213.5 million) include the development / implementation of four support plans: To promote energy efficiency investments in small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote energy efficiency municipalities, communities and the wider public sector, to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in homes and to encourage the use of renewable energy and energy savings by local / wider public authorities, as well as to reduce CO2 emissions in industries, companies and organizations. New high-energy school buildings will be constructed and the energy efficiency of school buildings will be upgraded through the installation of photovoltaic panels and thermal installation.

Electric state vehicles

The remaining funds in the green economy are for sustainable transport (€ 96 million). Reforms include the creation of a National Transport Management System, using Digital Twin technologies, a regulatory framework to facilitate the connection of public and private recharging points to distribution networks, as well as and preparing a legislative framework for the phasing out of the most polluting vehicles, especially in polluted urban areas. The investments include the replacement of the government fleet of vehicles with electric vehicles and the installation of the necessary charging infrastructure and the implementation of plans for the purchase of electric vehicles, vehicle replacement, installation of charging stations in public places and charging points in homes, local authorities, businesses and publicly accessible areas. and improving sustainable urban mobility and accessibility.

In relation to smart and sustainable water resources management (€ 73 million), the national (pre) plan includes a structural water resources management reform, as well as an integrated monitoring and management system. The investments that will be promoted are the digital and technological upgrade of the water supply and sewerage panels, water storage infrastructure, renovation of water treatment plants and the taking of measures against floods.

Regarding the protection and enhancement of biodiversity, wildlife and the environment (€ 40 million). investments are planned for fire protection, protection of the marine environment from oil pollution and upgrading of services and recreational infrastructure in forests.

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