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What are the 3+1 promises made by President Christodoulidis in the first annual report

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By resetting the bar to high levels, President Christodoulidis completed the first annual account of his administration. As Nikos Christodoulidis noted at the end of his speech, mistakes were not avoided in the first 12 months of governance, however, he argued that the foundations were laid for the building for the better Cyprus that he envisions.

From the “interrogation” of the representatives of the television stations that followed, philenews singled out 3+1 promises that President Christodoulidis made to the people while answering the questions put to him. Two concern the Legal and Audit Service and the other two tax reform and the “Photovoltaics for All” plan.

>Modernization of the Legal and Audit Service

Nikos Christodoulidis indicated that institutional reforms are a component of his government's philosophy, while he associated the establishment of the Advisory Council with the will to proceed with institutional changes in the Legal and Audit Service.

With regard to the lack of control of the Attorney General and the separation of powers, Nikos Christodoulidis emphasized that the procedures are in the final stage of processing, while in the immediate future he will seek to discuss with the heads of the institutions, before the bill is sent to the Parliament. Regarding the Audit Service, he mentioned that the creation of an Audit Board is in his thoughts. To disconnect this thought from the dispute he had with Odysseus Michaelidis, he clarified that any change is not related to persons. In fact, he noted that the change will take years and the faces will have changed while he maintained that his relations with Odysseus Michaelidis are excellent.

> Promotes tax transformation

At another point, President Christodoulidis referred to the measures taken by the Government, underlining that they should not be horizontal, while targeted measures will be announced if necessary. Regarding the tax transformation, he indicated that work has already begun, while the changes will be announced gradually. In fact, he noted that the last time a tax transformation took place was in 2001.

>Plan “Photovoltaics for All”

Among others, the President of the Republic, responding to a question about the high cost of energy, emphasized that up to last Friday over 4,000 applications had been made for the “Photovoltaics for All” Plan and announced a re-evaluation and re-announcement of the Plan. 

Source: www.philenews.com

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