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What does the Government Spokesman answer to the announcement of the Cyprus Writers' Union

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Government spokesman Marios Pelekanos is trying to amuse the impressions left by the announcement of the Writers' Union of Cyprus from yesterday's meeting, emphasizing that the bans to which the union refers, have ceased to apply two months ago. At the same time, he characterizes as non-existent allegations what the PSC Board of Directors states about “σης banning the submission of questions after statements by government officials”.

The announcement of the Government Spokesman:

In connection with the announcement of the Writers' Union, which was issued today after a meeting yesterday with the Government Spokesperson, the Deputy Government Spokesperson and the Director of the Press Office of the President, I would like to point out the following:

A. A meeting with a delegation of the PSC Board of Directors was held in an extremely good atmosphere in which creative ways of further improving the cooperation between the journalists and the Presidency were discussed.

B. Surprising, however, is the relevant announcement of the PSC issued the following day, which, among other things, calls for “an end to the practice of banning entry to the Presidential Palace when important meetings are taking place.”

has never been. There have been restrictions for a while due to the pandemic, which have always been proportional to those that imposed the restrictive measures that were decided.

But the most important thing is that even these restrictions have been lifted for about two months now. The dozens of journalists who visit the Presidential Palace on an almost daily basis can attest to this in their guild.

C. The PSC Board's allegation of “σης prohibition of questioning following statements by government officials” is also non-existent.

in dozens of live interviews that our fellow citizens watch daily in all the media, and never refused to answer the questions of the press.

D. As for the remaining requests recorded in the memorandum submitted by the delegation of the PSC Board, I personally assured the delegation that, where possible, such arrangements will be made to satisfy them.

E. During the meeting, additional issues concerning the journalistic community were raised, which will also be considered in order to find workable solutions.

The Government has proven over time and in practice that it stands by the press and this will keep doing it.

Source: politis.com.cy

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