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What Hasapopoulos said in the research on Cypra

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What Hasapopoulos said in the research on Cypra

Both he and the Audit Office acted within the framework of the legislation on the Cypra slaughterhouse, said before the Investigative Committee for the Cypra slaughterhouse and its affiliated companies, the former Director of Technical Audit at the Audit Office Andreas Hasapopoulos. He also said that the relations of the Audit Service with the General Accountant of the state, Rea Georgiou, were purely official and he had no personal or family relationship with her.

Mr. Hasapopoulos testified today before the Investigative Committee under the Chairman Haris Pogiatzis, initially saying that he had started monitoring the Veterinary Services since 2006. Noting that the Audit Office did its job properly in the matter of the control of the Veterinary Services and the case of CYPRA, said that what could be done was a survey for the favorable treatment of the company CYCAN which from 2004 to 2021 has a monopoly at excessively high prices.

He added that three estimates had been made on the issue of the cost of animal waste management, an estimate of the cost for the treatment of animal waste by the Audit Office at a cost of 560 thousand euros per year. The Veterinary Medicine did not accept this estimate and asked the General Accounting Office for an estimate, which gave an estimate of 560 to 800 thousand euros per year, depending on the method.

Again, said Mr. Hasapopoulos, the Veterinary Services challenged the assessment even though they participated with the Accounting Office in the assessment and called on the Internal Audit Supervisor to make an assessment together with the Veterinary Services Accountant and the Accountant General. This estimate spoke of 600 to 800 thousand confirming the estimate of the Accounting and the Audit Office.

So, the Veterinary Services came to committees that participated that the cost amounts to 800 thousand euros, and wondered how they made assignments amounting to 1 million 300 thousand while their previous proposals were at 2 million 200 thousand by negotiation.

The first time the tender ended in 2013, the Veterinary Services came with a suggestion to go to negotiation at 2.2 million per year. In 2014, however, they found that the cost would amount to 800 thousand euros maximum. He added that now the assignments for the treatment of animal waste are given with 1.3 million euros and they themselves know that with this amount the public loses by half a million euros a year, especially for a company that has the infrastructure like Cycan .

Regarding the Commission's question about its relations with the General Accountant, Mr. Hasapopoulos said that their relationship was purely official and formal. “Our relations were good and from our audits we found that the General Accountant did a good job at the General Accounting Office, but neither I nor Odysseas Michailidis had any personal relationship.”

I was trying to suggest open tenders to get lower prices and the reason is that we knew, as the Veterinary Services knew, that prices should be lower for Cycan.

Asked about his behavior, that is, that he was intense, aggressive and pushy towards members of the Veterinary Services, Mr. Hasapopoulos said that this is not the case. In some sessions, he added, there may have been some tension, but not something special, and always within normal limits.

In statements after his submission to the Commission, Mr. Hasapopoulos said that he presented his positions, citing the facts and refuting, as he said, various allegations of the Veterinary Services against the Audit Service. The positions he submitted, as he said, are recorded in the minutes, annual reports and in the correspondence.

Asked if the CYPRA case was indeed a scandal, Mr Hasapopoulos said an inquiry had been ordered into the company, which appeared to have won a tender, which was ultimately not carried out and lost its guarantee. .

What could be done further was a CYCAN inquiry into welfare, which from 2004 to 2021 has a monopoly on excessively high prices acknowledged by both the Veterinary Services and the Expenditure Committees. While the cost has been estimated at 600 to 800 thousand, the state pays 1.3 million for almost sixteen years. “There could have been an investigation into this FYCAN treatment and possible disciplinary or criminal offenses,” he said.

Mr. Hasapopoulos was asked to comment on the fact that the many questions of the members of the Committee were related to his behavior in sessions with the Veterinary Services. He said that usually this happens with the auditees when the observations of the Audit Office spoil their plans. He added that this practice is done with other services and organizations that are audited and which accuse the Audit Office of justifying their mistakes and omissions.

Unfortunately, things are recorded, it is obvious and they themselves accept that the prices were too high, but it continues from 2013, when the contract with the tender expires (for the management of animal waste) until 2021, to award double prices with them. which they consider to be the work without making any effective effort to open the competition and award the contract its value, he said, adding that an inquiry could be made into the matter for the favorable treatment of CYCAN.

Answering another question, he said that he was targeted by specific newspapers because he was an executive of the Audit Office and a collaborator with Odysseas Michailidis, who, as he mentioned, was the target in the specific newspapers and media. The other reason is that it maintains a page on social media with more than 50 thousand members, called the Auditor General Support Team. Those who, as he said, target Mr. Michaelides, also target him, as he maintains this page.

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