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What is certain is that they are no longer “burning” for Timur

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Much has been said and written since Friday following the announcement of the Anorthosis decision for radical changes in the technical team, which raised the issue of Timur Ketspaia and made the future of Georgianos in the team uncertain.

This is a development that is commented in various ways and there are many Anorthosis fans who believe that the administration in collaboration with Larkos they are indirectly trying to force Ketspaia to resign.

What is certain is one thing. Whether the above is true or not, it is a given that in “The Lady” no longer & # 8230; burn for Ketspaia.

If they wanted & # 8230; with a thousand Georgianos left, they would not bring him to this situation, to have to choose between his stay with other associates and his departure.

No matter how we do it, “we want you” is different from “we want you, but not with your team and you either accept or leave”.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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