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What Skapoullis said about the penalties in Omonia-APOEL and Apollon-Anorthosis

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Christakis Skapoullis, among others, commented on the controversial phases of the games Omonia-APOEL and Apollon-Anorthosis in the show “Gol kai Theama” of RIK.

Read what he said & # 8230;


The penalty that Apollon took in 8 & # 8242; for Abartzumyan's hand: “We have said many times that when a player goes down and puts his hand on a support, it is not given. But here he opened his hand, he inflated his body, the penalty was right “.

The penalty requested by Anorthosis in 35 & # 8242; for Katelaris's hand: “The ball went from his body to his hand, but in addition, when the hand is at a distance of half a meter and the player moves to play the ball, he will make a normal move, this is not given penalty ».

Anorthosis's canceled goal at 79 & # 8242; for Novotny's hand: “We have said it many times, the player who made the unintentional hand scored, so it is canceled. If it was a pass and then a goal, it would count “.

-The two penalties given to Anorthosis are correct.


The penalty that Omonia took in 37 & # 8242; for the overthrow of Loizos by Vinicius: “The referee was close to the players, you can not wait for the VAR, it was a clear penalty”.

The penalty that APOEL took in 52 & # 8242; for the overthrow of Kvilitaia by Fabiano: “The penalty is due to the intervention of the VARista who informed the referee that he had contact. There was some hand contact. It was a very difficult phase, VARistas was good, he is one of the best in Italy “.

The penalty that Omonia took in 88 & # 8242; for Souza's kick to Kakoullis: “APOEL leads with 2-3 goals and Souza comes for no reason doing this unsportsmanlike behavior. The penalty is right “.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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