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What will happen to the students who will not have a negative rapid test? -Here is the answer!

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What will happen to the students who will not have a negative rapid test? -Here is the answer!

With the “cross in hand” the new relaxations came into force today after the increase of cases and the transmission chains that were found in schools. The Minister of Education spoke this morning on state radio about the issue of conducting tests by students and teachers, as well as about the return of high school students.

Specifically, he stated: “The fact that incidents were observed in an increased degree in primary schools, brought the delay in the return of high school children, ie instead of 8 to 16, but in terms of diagnoses it was initially requested by all teachers and as we observed there was full compliance. Then a 20% sample was valid each week. This is what was judged along the way that it needed to be strengthened it was better for everyone to pass a rapid test and then it was judged better to have a diagnosis and all the children in secondary education

Today, the A 'and B' Lyceum are returning, but since yesterday, when it was announced, all the students of the Lyceum and the third year, including them, will have to submit a negative diagnosis every week. They will have to pass a test

Of course, it is not possible for all schools to be covered by crews at a time when the entire population is covered. However, the interested parties will be notified on the spot in some Lyceums and Technical Schools and there they will be able to take the test inside the school. Children up to the age of 8 should go to school with a negative diagnosis, as of course the parents.

Regarding the testing of children and whether they need authorization from their guardian, he said: “Yes, since they are minors, we appeal to the parents, there has been an agreement with the parents' confederation to give the children the consent to pass the test.

From March 8 for the Lyceums and from March 16 for the high schools in public and private the operating rule is this, that is, they should come with a negative result in rapid test, those who are not able to do so will not be able to to attend, but will not be excluded from the training will attend distance training.

“As far as primary schools are concerned, we know that the use of a mask is not obligatory, but here too we make an appeal to parents, especially for the older ones, which is perhaps easier, since children can use the protective mask well.”

On whether teachers and teachers should all have a rapid test, he said: “For teachers, it has been valid for days. Now we will also ask the students so the teachers are not targeted

Regarding cases that have been identified in schools that are out of order, he noted: “We have some primary schools, as everyone knows the intensity of the spread is now in the province of Limassol, there are three schools and some sections of a Lyceum in Nicosia have been added so as not to we say that it is only a matter of Limassol. Apart from the primary school in Engomi, there is a Lyceum in which a gathering has appeared in two sections. It is the Lyceum of Archbishop Makarios “.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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