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When do traffic offenses expire?

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When do traffic offenses expire?

How many penalty points do you get for each violation

In order to reduce traffic violations and conflicts last October 2020, heavier fines began to apply!

In some cases, if not all, the fines are multiplied , while at the same time for some traffic violations the penalty is doubled in case someone falls into the same violation within a certain period of time.

In fact, among those that have been in force since last October is the change in the tolerance of 20% in the speed limits , which will continue to be applied on highways, but not on urban roads.

At the same time, as Offsite wrote in a report on Friday, the cameras have been received and the installation has begun, while in about two months their operation is expected.

What about penalty scores

Traffic violations are not only punished with fines, but the driver is also punished with penalty points.

Offsite searched and found what is valid today with penalty scores , after how long they expire and in which cases the driver loses his license.

Initially in terms of speed the following applies:

  • Speeding limit up to 30%: € 2 / km fine and 1 point penalty
  • Speeding limit up to 50%: € 3 / km fine and 2 penalty points
  • Speeding limit up to 75%: € 5 / km fine and 3 penalty points

When do traffic offenses expire?

The table with the fines and penalties for speeding, for example in speeding up to 30%, states that the penalty scores can reach 3.

As the Assistant Director of the Traffic Headquarters, Haris Evripidou, explained to Offsite , “the 1st degree is immediately imposed by the Police if a fine is imposed, while in case the driver is referred to the Court due to violation, then the Court may impose up to 3 points , depending on the speed limit exceeded.

In relation to alcohol the following applies:

  • Exhalation alcohol ratio 22-35μg / 100ml: € 125 fine and 1 point penalty
  • Exhalation alcohol ratio 36-55μg / 100ml: € 250 fine and 3 penalty points
  • Exhalation alcohol ratio 56-70μg / 100ml: € 500 fine and 4 penalty points

When do traffic offenses expire?

In the case of alcohol, the same applies to the speed limit . That is, if a driver is brought before a court then he can be given more penalty points depending on the proportion of alcohol exhaled.

When the points are deleted

Continuing, Mr. Evripidou stated that when 3 years are completed from the date of the violation, then the penalty points are erased.

At the same time, the limit is 12 points for each driver . When a driver reaches 12 degrees of punishment can not pay out of court and is referred to court .”

Beyond that, the Court will either impose additional penalty points or deprive you of leave.

Finally, Mr. Evripidou sent a message to the drivers in relation to the cameras that, as he mentioned, are expected to be operational on October 25.

With the implementation of the photo-marking system it is very important, especially with the speed limit either the helmet or the red light, in case a driver does not comply, he will easily be referred to the Court and will risk losing his license .”

The tables show what applies to drugs, speeding with alcohol and / or drugs, reckless dangerous driving and careless driving

When do traffic offenses expire?

When do traffic offenses expire?

When do traffic offenses expire?

When do traffic offenses expire?

source: OFFSITE

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