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Sunday, February 5, 2023

When Omonia wants… it can

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When Omonia wants… it can

The suspension of the championship finds Omonia in a bad scoring position in relation to the expectations that existed, but within four days the climate changed for the better. The draw with Basel and the double against Ethnikos, which were accompanied by good performances, restored some calm and drove away the gray clouds.

Clearly she is far behind the top but she showed with her presence in Dasaki mainly that, when she wants… she can. The people left with a smile and as paradoxical as it may seem, even after the victory over Apollo, they did not leave so full. And this is because the players were in the mood and accompanied the three points with a good presence. Especially in the first part, the automations he came up with were incredible.

Henning Berg finally “touched” the selfishness of his players, made corrective moves and saw a response. His choice to leave Gomez out came as a surprise, but the Spaniard needed it. He is not good this year and he realizes it.

Marinos Tzionis “exposed” him somewhat that did not give him more minutes to participate in the previous races, while the duo in the center “swallowed” many kilometers. Mix Diskrud and Fouad Basirou are motorcycles and are everywhere. Everyone, of course, has to increase the pace and if that happens, then he will slowly gain places and gnaw points.

Many were lost, there are many teams that are more competitive than last year, but Omonia knows that there is no room for error. So, during the break, she will work on her weaknesses to perform even better. With the restart he will play with Aris in GSP and he has no choice.

Anxiety about Fabiano

The shoulder problem that Fabiano is facing has caused intense concern within the team since, although in the ace Omonia is overcrowded, we do not need to analyze who Fabiano is. The restoration method that will follow will be decided within the week. That is, either he will proceed with surgery, or he will do conservative treatment and accordingly the period of time that will remain out of competitive action will be transparent. On the positive side, Konstantinos Panagi, who was absent due to Uzoho's virus, also showed readiness.

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