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When Zeta spoke, everyone listened carefully

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& nbsp & nbspΔέσποινα Ψύλλου & nbsp; & nbsp;

Dedicated. Dynamic. Decisive. She did not like the many words and announcements. She was the minister who rolled up her sleeves, and worked hard for the desired result. He had a vision and solutions to the problems that arose. The feeling of responsibility for her had to be transformed into action.

Zeta Aimilianidou had won the respect of her collaborators and the love of ordinary citizens. He tried to tear down the walls, to maintain personal communication with those who were facing difficulties. He fought to reduce human suffering. That was the reason she kept and offered her personal fax. The iron lady of Cyprus passed away the day before yesterday afternoon, spreading grief throughout Cyprus. He was hospitalized in Athens, where he was rushed to an extremely critical condition on May 15, after a cerebral artery aneurysm.

Her office at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, where she worked hard for nine years, was filled with flowers, which she loved so much. Her collaborators remember the “Good morning” she gave them every morning. He was a simple man and a servant, they note, with the cleaner describing that Zeta left her office very late and that she sometimes found it hot when she started work at 4:00 in the morning.

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Sadness over the death of Zeta Aimilianidou

The world of economics bids farewell to Zeta Aimilianidou

Those who knew her have something to say about her ethos, integrity and unique character. Zeta Aimilianidou was a person who did not go unnoticed, a strong personality, with knowledge, training, skills. The Undersecretary to the President, Kyriakos Kousios, refers to his colleague and friend with tears and intense emotion. “When Zeta Aimilianidou was talking, we all listened. “She was a minister for whom we all felt confident that the work she was undertaking would be carried out in the best possible way.” At the heart of her policy, she said, was the man and the one in need. “Zeta was a special person. He knew who she was. He did not wait to become a minister to prove it. She could be friends with the worker, the businessman, the minister, but also the messenger. He was a man who enjoyed life. He knew how to delight both young and old. He was a man you could count on. He was a true friend “, he underlined in tears and added that the two of them made plans for March 1, 2023, where their term would end. & Nbsp;

Zeta Aimilianidou shared her plans for retirement, in order to spend time with her beloved grandson, with her family and friends, and with the Minister of Finance. “He used to tell me 'we have endured for so many years. It is psychopathic and now we will rest'”, notes Mr. Petridis and adds that they faced many crises and even communicated with nods at the meetings of the Council of Ministers.

“Take care of the people…”, Zeta advised

“She was the minister of the world. His love fed her with the strength to continue and find ways and solutions “& nbsp;

The message she received from Zeta Aimilianidou when she took office was announced by the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare. “Anastasia, we have been chosen by the President among thousands to serve the world. I'm sure he has other worthy ones, but we were given this opportunity. We owe it to the President who has entrusted us with a double responsibility to the world. Thousands are affected by our policies. Take care of the world… “. According to Ms. Anthousi, she was tireless, with empathy, respect and love for man. “Zeta was the minister of the world. His love fed her with the strength to continue and find ways and solutions. “& Nbsp;

If today, Ms. Anthousi underlines, we can be proud of social reforms, of the EU, of the reorganization of Social Welfare Services, of the Children's Home, of the targeted benefit policy, of the houses in the community and of the deinstitutionalization of Disabled, for the development of a variety of new programs by Non-Governmental Organizations, for the support of the elderly and so much more, is because Zeta had a vision and a sense of responsibility, which he transformed into actions. & Nbsp;

In addition, the president of the “Voice” Council, Anastasia Papadopoulou, commented that without Zeta Aimilianidou “there would be no Children's Home, there would be no National Strategy for child sexual abuse, there would be no Women's House”. Zeta, she underlines, found solutions to problems when others said “it is not possible”. He had a vision and knew what he had to do to be realized and maintained over time. He prepared programs and projects, but did not seek to be shown or to receive any congratulations. “She was devoted to what she considered her duty. She was hardworking and determined. It inspires respect. “

He recalled the program that the minister had started, which aimed to identify and help with benefits, psychological support or other means the women who were raped during the invasion in 1974. If the women wished, she would meet them herself. , hearing about their nightmare. “He listened to the problems of the people and was by their side. He did not build walls and he always found the way “. & nbsp;

Child of Occupied & nbsp; Naples

He held key positions in the Civil Service

Zeta Aimilianidou was born on September 2, 1954, in the now occupied Naples of Nicosia. He had three brothers, Ouranios Ioannidis who was Minister of Education, Doros Ioannidis, former President of the Pancyprian Bar Association and Mary Ioannidou Koutselini, Professor at the University of Cyprus.

Graduated from Thessaloniki received a degree in “Marketing Management” from the Cyprus Institute of Marketing. At the age of 24, she registered as a lawyer, as in 1978 she passed the examinations of the Pancyprian Bar Association.

From 2001 to 2010 she was the director of the Customs Department and the Value Added Tax Superintendent. He was also a member of the board of the Cyprus Ports Authority. From 2010 to 2013 she served as Director General of the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism and was also President of the Cyprus Energy Foundation and the Special Fund for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving.

He was also the leader of the team that prepared the current Customs Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus and a member of the team that designed and prepared the Value Added Tax Legislation. She is the author of the book “The Value Added Tax in Cyprus”, published in 1992 when this legislation first came into force. As director general of the Ministry of Energy, she was responsible for completing the 2nd round of Licensing of Hydrocarbons in offshore areas of Cyprus and was the chair of the Advisory Committee, which by law evaluated the applications of companies that showed interest, leading, finally, to for 5 pieces of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus.

On April 3, 2013 she was appointed by the current President of the Republic as Minister of Labor and Social Security, where she continued to serve until her death. It has launched a number of reforms in all areas of the ministry, with particular emphasis on social welfare, workers' rights and gender equality.

reforms such as the establishment of a National Minimum Wage and a mechanism for determining and reviewing its level, the revision and modernization of the Social Security Legislation and pension reform, as well as the process for the digitization of all benefits of the Ministry of Labor for better and more service.

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