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Which Cypriots and companies received European funds

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Which Cypriots and companies received European funds

Theano Thiopoulou

European companies, individuals and public sector bodies received European money, according to data released by the European Parliament.

The European Parliament's parliamentary inquiry service presented a study to the EU Budgetary Committee on 28 May 2021, which lists the largest beneficiaries of the Common Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Funds in each EU Member State for the period 2014-2020. , as well as the amount of funds that have benefited. The list of beneficiaries in Cyprus and in the other EU Member States that used the European funds of the Cohesion Funds and the amounts they received for the period 2014-2020 is HERE.


Businesses with European money for Cypriot businessmen Incentives – “vaccine” in employment Expenditure ceiling of 7.9 billion for 2022 set by the Ministry of Finance

In Cyprus, the first in the absorption of European funds from the cohesion funds for the period 2014-2020, among government agencies and organizations, is occupied by the Department of Public Works, which received € 107.78 million. It is followed by the University of Cyprus with € 94.82 million, the municipality of Nicosia with € 66.02 million. In fourth place is the Department of Water Development with the amount of € 63.97 million, followed by the General Directorate of European Programs, Coordination and Development with funding of € 43.74 million. , the Ministry of Interior with € 39.47 million, the Ministry of Education and Culture with € 34.93 million, the Sewerage Council of Limassol – Amathus with € 27.45 million, the Municipality of Paphos with € 24.78 million and The top ten is completed by the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism with € 23.22 million.

In eleventh place is the municipality of Limassol with funding of € 20.90 million, the General Accounting Office with € 20.03 million, the Health Insurance Organization with € 16.40 million, the municipality of Larnaca with € 13.88 million, The Pancyprian Bar Association with € 11.03 million. The welfare benefits management service of the Ministry of Labor received the amount of € 10.31 million, the Labor Department with € 8.36 million, the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture with € 8, 04 million The second ten is completed by the Cyprus Ports Authority with the amount of € 8.02 million.

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The rest that received funding are: Ministry of Tourism € 5.61 million, Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus € 5.52 million, Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labor € 5.46 million, Department of Urban Planning € 5.20 million, Department of Electromechanical Of Services of the Ministry of Transport € 4.78 million, control branch € 4.73 million, fishery resources sector € 3.87 million, Marine Environment Sector € 3.62 million, Department of Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities € 3.59 million, public administration and personnel department € 2.81 million.

Individuals and absorption of funds

As far as individuals are concerned, the first in the absorption of funds from the Cohesion Funds 2014-2020 is held by: Panagiotis Filimis (CyRIC) who secured € 1.63 million, Kimonidis Antonis (Kimargo Fishfarming) € 1.29 million. Koulermou Frixos (Telia Aqua Marine) with € 1.1 million, Hara Papastefanou (CP Foodlab) with € 862.53 million, Symeon Kassianidis (Hyperion Systems) with € 768.60 thousand, Andreas Afantitis (Novamechanics) with € 654.47 thousand, Sisamos Konstantinos (Engino, net) with € 553.76 thousand, Achilleas Tsagaris (Biopharm) € 516.38 thousand, Skoutellas Theodoros Leathermaster Cleaning Group) € 500.26 thousand Sideris Konstantinos (Cypet Technologies) € 382.55 thousand

After the top ten follow Alexandros Ioannis Agrotis (Sagro Aqualite) € 368.98 thousand, Pavlos Aspris (PTA Foodlab) € 351.67 thousand George Christodoulou (Seawave fisheries) € 344.59 thousand, Louka Louka (Seawave Fisheries) € 339.49 thousand, Michalis Konstantinou (MC Analysis Center) € 328.75 thousand, Konstantinos Loizou (SK Embio Diagnostics) € 306.44 thousand, Konstantinos Varavvas (Ecofuel (Cyprus) € 305.15 thousand, Marinos Giannakou ( Mesdonic) € 291.92 thousand, Andreas Stylianidis (Geoimaging) € 270.41 thousand, Ieridis and Michael (architects) € 251.89 thousand, Andreas Chrysafis (AG Goldman Solutions & Services) € 237.52 thousand, Evelton Iakovidis (AMDM) € 231.62 thousand Vassilios Drakonakis (AMDM) € 231.62 thousand, Katerina Sophocleous (AMDM) € 231.62 thousand

Companies and funds

The limited liability companies that secured the highest Community funds under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Cohesion Funds programs for the period 2014–2020 are: Kitiana Fisheries € 887, 55 thousand, HD Insurance € 731.02 thousand. , Elysee Irrigation € 702.06 thousand, Limassol Tourism Development and Promotion € 584.59 thousand, Paphos Development Company “Aphrodite” € 551.25 thousand, Oceanis Aquaculture € 546.41 thousand, Comulti Printform € 528.84 thousand, Troodos Development € 430.25 thousand, Kailas Printers & Lithographers € 395.52 thousand, Phoenixpro € 365.24 thousand, Farmakas Quarries € 363.68 thousand, Nikolaidis and Kountouris Metal € 359.36 thousand. , Phoebe Research and innovation € 317.09 thousand, Alion Lenses € 300.02 thousand etc.

There is also the list of limited liability companies, which received funds from the EU under the Common Agricultural Policy for 2019. The ten companies that received the highest amounts are: JH Farm € 454 thousand, Sevegep Ltd € 400 thousand. , CAC Papantoniou € 285 thousand, Paradisiotis € 201 thousand Mindikis Farm € 200 thousand, Savvas Hatzigiorkis & Sons € 200 thousand, FGF Pittortos Farm € 188 thousand, E. Neophytou Trading € 178 thousand, the Cyprus Phassouri Holdings € 173 thousand, Kolios Winery € 171 thousand

Cohesion Fund

The Cohesion Fund has allocated € 63.4 billion for energy and transport projects for the period 2014-2020, provided they clearly benefit the environment in terms of energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources, development of rail transport, support for combined transport, strengthening public transport, etc.

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