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Who are the “aces up the sleeve” of Daskalakis? – The rupture with Pispirigou, the buried secrets and new arrest warrants

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The three-and-a-half-year-old Malena, the child of Roula Pispirigou and of Manos Daskalakis, who “passed away” first of life, in the case of Patras that has shocked the nation.

Authorities are awaiting the medical examiners' reports on the deaths of the other two children, Malena and Iris, a fact that may lead to new arrests of people involved in the Patras case.

new arrest warrants

According to the private investigator, George Tsoukalis, this is a case with a high degree of difficulty, however, the activation of witnesses is crucial, especially in terms of forensic medicine. “If we want the dark spots, they are forensic issues,” he stressed.

He went on to say that many secrets that have not come to the surface may come to light after the couple breaks up.

“I think it is very important and that is why I am waiting for the developments after the couple broke up. I believe that the rupture of the couple will trigger revelations and shed light on places we can not imagine. In some statements the father had said that he has hidden aces up his sleeve. He must tell us who these aces are “, Mr. Tsoukalis underlined, speaking to SKAI, pointing out that he will not be surprised if in the next few days we have more arrest warrants.

The data for Malena and Iris For his part, the president of the forensic medicine company, Grigoris Leon, stressed that the data on the deaths of Malena and Iris show the initial estimates with greater certainty, emphasizing that they are much more than what we know.

“The informal commission did not correctly draw a conclusion and did not study both cases, but only the first one and in fact with incomplete data. What was done from the beginning of the prosecution authorities was to restart the case. Experts now have the power to gather the evidence – and I think they have already done so – and to study both cases and come up with new expertise. The data is much more than we know. We saw over the weekend that photos of Iris were also published. Therefore there is much more material. The medical record for Malena, because she had already been hospitalized, is rich and her autopsy is the one that has the most failures. “For Iris alone, the initial expertise gives us so much information that the case will be much easier for my colleagues”, he pointed out.

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Asked what Roula Pispirigou might have been looking for on the internet, Mr. Leon stated that the accused was trying with “half-knowledge” to understand various things. “We can not enter into this logic because it is beyond normal. Maybe she could see drug interactions or drug synergies that might help her goal. “I do not know from the beginning whether the goal of the first child we have confirmed ketamine use was to kill or use substances to achieve with another exogenous factor what she had in mind,” she added. forensic reports

Answering the question whether the deaths are due to pathological causes, he pointed out that in Georgia, ketamine is the reason for its end. For the other two children, he noted that the findings speak for themselves. “Either through leaks or indirectly, even the experts who carried out the first forensic examinations, for example in Iris, have clarified that something else is happening and refer to a criminal act.”

However, Mr. Leon stressed that the expert reports on Malena and Iris will be delayed a little longer, “because the experts will reverse the causes of death and do everything possible not to question the result.”

Respectively, the president of the Association of Police Officers of Southeast Attica, George Kalliakmanis, stated that there will be arrests in case the evidence puts some other people in the frame and it seems that they were involved in any way. “From the removal of the secrets and the electronic devices, it seems that the mother was looking for some things, because it is not logical for someone who has her child in the hospital to look for substances”, he pointed out.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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