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Who are the highest-paid state officials?

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Who are the highest-paid state officials?

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    The Treasury of the Republic has released a statement concerning the salaries of state officials and employees.

    Emphasizing that transparency enhances public accountability, the statement notes that measures promoting transparency have been integrated into the legislative framework governing financial management and oversight since 2014.

    Through its website, www.treasury .gov.cy, the Treasury publishes detailed salary breakdowns, including gross and net earnings, which are made available to citizens every six months, categorized by scale and rank.

    Among the top earners, determined by their net annual salaries after tax deductions, are positions such as the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Presidents or Judges of the Supreme Court and Supreme Constitutional Court, each earning €114,491. Additionally, Court of Appeals members receive €103,415.

    Regarding executive positions, leading the pack is the President of the Republic, with an annual salary of €114,039. However, when factoring in allowances, the President’s gross salary totals €181,400, positioning them at the pinnacle of the country’s highest-paid officials.

    The net salary figures presented are based solely on deductions mandated by law, with no additional considerations for income tax calculations, such as exemptions or other sources of income, taken into account.

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