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Who for the presidency of the Parliament: Sizopoulos, Andros, Theopemptou, Alexandra or λας Nikolas with the support of Averoff?

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Who for the presidency of the Parliament: Sizopoulos, Andros, Theopemptou, Alexandra or Nikolas with the support of Averoff?

In the run-up to the elections, the scenarios for the presidency of the Parliament revolved around two axes: The first scenario, centered on the center-right, wanted DISY, EDEK, DIPA, ELAM to negotiate and elect Marinos Sizopoulos as Speaker of Parliament. the government waters lately and his departure would be convenient for his party, which would go to Kostis Efstathiou. The other scenario, centered on the center-left, wanted cooperation with a package agreement – for Speaker of Parliament, local elections and in the background presidential elections of 2023 – of AKEL and DIKO, which were about to triumph in the parliamentary elections which were held in a climate – a mixture of scandals, pandemics, financial difficulties. And with them would be the Ecologists with a percentage of over 6%, and the Generation Change of Anna Theologos who until recently, seemed to have in her pocket the electoral measure (3.6%) and an even higher percentage.

The result of the parliamentary elections on May 30th brought great upheavals in the script for the alliances of the next day and shocked AKEL – DIKO. Anna Theologou did not enter Parliament, the Ecologists deflated, DIKO retained its seats but not its percentages, and AKEL was devastated. This cuts any dynamics for the presidential elections and obviously the plans for the presidency of the Parliament in the General Secretary of AKEL, Andro Kyprianou, and the selection of a presidential candidate from the DIKO area (not the president of the party) are changing.

The president of DISY, Averof Neophytou, can skillfully let the scenarios that want Marinos Sizopoulos as Speaker of Parliament leak from Pindarou or why not one of the Ecologists – Charalambos Theopemptou or Alexandra Attalidos negative answer). By the way, information from the Ecologists says that some of the Movement are welcoming such a possibility. However, in Mr. Neophytos' mind (another could) play another… satanic scenario. (Repeat) Approach with Nikolas Papadopoulos and DIKO, makes him Speaker of Parliament in exchange for support / cooperation in the presidential elections of '23. Thus, with this move -which you call it dull- the president of DIKO takes an important state position (one step before the Supreme) and strengthens his position in his party, closing mouths that challenge or are thinking of challenging him. Averof Neophytou is running for President of the Republic for the third time (or he is running for office), ensuring the smooth running of the government by passing government bills through Parliament and continuing government work for the rest of President Anastasiadis' term, and… completely isolates AKEL (and shrinks its percentages even more).

This may not be to the liking of Mario Karoyan and DIPA, but their pill will be gilded with the impending reshuffle and the participation of its executives in the new government (and in the councils of semi-governmental organizations).

Finally, in the run-up to the elections, the incumbent wanted Mario Karoyan to resign from the parliamentary seat and Angelos Votsis to enter Parliament. The issue has not been clarified yet. Bad language speaks of investigating the possibility of Mr. Karoyan being elected Speaker of Parliament (he was again in the period 7/3/2008 – 2/6/2011). If not, then surely the seat goes to Mr. Votsis.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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