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“Who should play for himself in Omonia? He will leave the next day “

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The veteran football player of Omonia, Takis Mavris, spoke on the show “Derby” of the radio station of POLITI (107.6), who referred, among other things, to the course of the greens, to Berg, to Cepovic-Loizou, but also to the other teams that are in the first seats.


For Berg and the young people: “Let's go back when some people came out and criticized. To criticize zero for the coach's offer, now what can we say? I am talking about famous people and journalists. He knew what the team wanted, how the easy goal would come. It was a matter of psychology. Now with Cepovic the psychology is different. Helps the whole team, as well as other players. You start the team with the goalkeeper. If you do not have it, you do not go below “.

For Loizou: “This little one has the talent. Like Tzionis. This year they are making eyes. Tzionis played in Europe, now he is a little tired. When he does not put Bojak and puts Loizou… The behavior of the little one, and the footballers who help him… They have to stay grounded. From the old players have to gain experience. To close their ears and listen only to his teammates “.

Where the title will be judged: “There are no easy games. I believe that the championship will be played until the last games of the playoffs. It is motivation. Omonia wants the championship, it has entered the players as well. 4-5 months ago they wanted a good presence in Europe, now they are talking about a championship. For the double? Never say never. We can play with APOEL, I do not judge him. I see Omonia. If he continues with the same stuff, why not take it? “

For Cepovic: “The fantastic does not score the goal. Makes the goal easy. It is the move he makes, he has the easy goal. We think it's easy, it's not. Sotiris was one, not to compare (s.s. after a relevant question). In football, everything is a matter of psychology. You see the teams, how the coach treats them, etc. Everything plays a role. It is also financial. Do you know what it means for the player to come and ask you when you will be paid?

For Apollo: “It is a remarkable team. Very good. Apollo has been built for years. The point is to acquire a champion mentality. He could have won some championships but he does not have that mentality. For this year? Let us take it (laughs) “.

For Ketspaia and Anorthosis: “She is also remarkable, she is in the game. They may not get the results they want, but they are a good team. Like AEL. He has mentalities, he is excited. “AEL can go to the end”.

For the Fabiano-Letsiaks: “They are two excellent footballers. Once you have a goalkeeper, think about how much confidence the defenders have. Letsiaks has aggressive tendencies. This is not an easy thing to do. It is the whole team, the teamwork. Who to play for himself? He will leave the next day. There are many good footballers. It does not make changes easily. That means a mentality. “

For VAR : “It raised our level. But it takes time for those in the VAR. Mistakes are made, but we must not shoot them. From the moment it is obvious, it is intentional. To go home “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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