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Who's who of Santa – This is his story (VIDEO)

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Το who is who του Αγιου Βασλλη – Αυτor ελναι η ιστορλα του (Β ΙΝΤΕΟ)

Young and old await the arrival of the bearded and well-fed Saint, with his red cape and reindeer pulling his sleigh.

The jovial Santa Claus, despite his… pounds, invades houses from the chimneys, Christmas Eve for some and New Year's Eve for others.

But what is the story of Santa Claus that is the most famous figure, springing from the Christian tradition and which is now mentioned all over the world?

And yet it is not St. Basil, the priest from Caesarea, but St. Nicholas who inspired the story of the white-haired man man who flies into the ethers to distribute gifts to good children.

Agios Nikolaos was born in 270 AD. in Patara in Lycia, in Asia Minor, from pious and wealthy Greek parents and received a thorough education.

At a young age he was left an orphan and heir to a large fortune.

By divine revelation,&nbsp ; was proclaimed Archbishop and his form is hegemonic in many countries of Europe, such as Russia, Austria, Belgium and Germany

However,  the Dutch are the ones who made Santa Claus famous.

St. Nicholas, wearing vestments and a conical bishop's hat, rode the streets on his donkey and distributed gifts to the children. From those years, during the Middle Ages, children left milk and cookies for the Saint, while they put straw in their traditional wooden Dutch shoes for his donkey.

The next day, the hay had been eaten and the place, the Saint had left gifts and delicacies.

The cartoonist Thomas Nast, in 1863, was inspired by Moore's poem and drew a large, well-built man with a white beard and rosy cheeks.

His cape even closely resembled the starfish, the US flag.

The project was so successful that Nast continued to paint Santa Claus in an identical way for 40 years.

Over time, of course, the cape that referred to the American flag was replaced from a warm woolen crimson costume.

In Greece, the image of the truant Santa came in the 50s and 60s, from expatriates who were in America, but changing the date he visits the children, from Christmas to New Year's Eve.

And if you were good, you will find the presents in front of your fireplace…

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