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Why AELists remember with a complaint in 2012

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Why AELists remember with a complaint in 2012

In AEL they put it once again with the KOP, this time on the occasion of the postponement of the premiere match with Omonia.

The greens, as they are entitled according to the announcement (when the championship match is in the middle of the playoff matches of European competitions), requested the postponement of the match with the Limassol team and although AEL does not agree to the request, the federation decided to postpone the match ( something he has the right to do ).

After their exclusion from Europe, the blue and yellows strongly demand that the match with Omonia take place normally, as otherwise they will remain inactive for about a month. At the same time, on social media, controversies have already started between fans, with AEL being “accused” by Omonoiates and not only that it should have agreed to the request, as it concerns our team's match in Europe.

Of course, the AELists do not stay down and many remember what happened in 2012, when it was Omonia that did not consent to AEL's request.

On 8/18/2012, the champion AEL and the cup winner Omonia met in “A. Papadopoulos “for the Super Cup.

Four days later, the Limassol team, which came from the historic qualifier against Partizan in the third round of the Champions League (which secured it a place in the Europa League groups), would host Anderlecht in the GSP, in the first match of the playoffs. Champions League.

Thus, AEL requested the postponement of the Super Cup match with Omonia the day before, to be held on Friday (17/8) instead of Saturday, but the greens did not agree to the request of the Limassol team, with the result that the match was held as planned, on 18/8.

As a result, Pampos Christodoulou placed substitutes in the Super Cup (only two of the 11 played key against Anderlecht), with Omonia winning the match and the title, 5-3.

Therefore, AEL has a complaint that due to the non-consent of Omonia in their request, they did not have the opportunity to claim the trophy on equal terms and for this reason, in the last hours, what had happened then was done άντηση response from them AEL fans to those who accuse the team on the occasion of its insistence that the match of the premiere with the clover be held normally.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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