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Why we shouldn't feed the ducks in Lake Athalassa (VIDEO)

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ΓιατΙ δεν πρΕπ ει να ταΙζουμε τις πаπιες στην λΙ&mu νη Αθαλασσας (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

For the risks that the ducks from the visitor feeding at the Athalassa Park Lake  the Forestry Officer Mr. Savvas Kartanas spoke on the Sigma Mesimeri and Kati Show.

On the occasion of yesterday's SigmaLive article that highlighted the issue

It is recalled that the Department of Forestry warns the visitors:

• Especially bread and other foods are dangerous for their lives, causing them serious diseases.
• Bread and other types of food cause pollution in the lake water  reducing oxygen, since algae and bacteria grow
• Wild animals can and should find their own food.
• Feeding attracts rodents

Mr. Kartanas said that this particular habitat is a green lung "which we manage to offer multiple recreational opportunities"


Source: www.sigmalive.com

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