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Will the new sultan listen to what Mitsotakis will tell him?

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Θα ακοσσει ο νεο σοτοοοοοο Ακης?

The Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis will travel tomorrow Monday to occupying Turkey, where he will have a four-on-four meeting with its Islamist president, Tayyip Erdogan.

This is a meeting that will be closely watched by several important countries, who hope that Turkey will continue on the basis of the decision taken after the earthquakes, in February 2023, and will not repeat the provocations in the Aegean.< /strong>

Cyprus, for them -especially the anti-Greek English- is another “story”. Unfortunately, secretly some of these countries bought into the unacceptable Turkish narrative that the Cyprus problem was supposedly solved in July and August 1974. They pretend that the fifty-year occupation, as a result of the cowardly Turkish invasion, does not exist.

Fortunately, there are many Greek Cypriots around the world who refuse to accept the so-called “realities”. It has been proven that the forces of “any solution” are so weak that in a new referendum they will be crushed. It does not mean anything that the two “brothers” in Cyprus, the right-wing DISY and the “communist” AKEL gather together 50% of the Cypriot population. In the 2004 referendum, they were looking for their wreckage.

Mr Mitsotakis has pledged to put the Cyprus issue in the hands of Erdogan and ask him to allow the occupying leader to return to negotiations, which – if Ankara says so “yes” – they will be held within the framework of the initiative of the envoy of the General Secretary of the United Nations.

Will the new sultan listen to him? Only if it serves his designs. In any case, none of the international players are pressuring him, everyone has gotten comfortable, not even the Turkish-loving, otherwise, partners of Cyprus and Greece, in the European Union. If he feels that resuming talks will help his goals, he will do so. After all, the Bizonic Bicommunal Federation, which it now rejects, is a pro-Turkish solution. It secures 100% Turkish strategic interests. The occupied northern part of the island will forever remain Turkish, while Ankara will also control the free areas. We have not the slightest doubt.

The Prime Minister of Greece emphasizes to all his interlocutors that the real progress in Greek-Turkish relations goes through Cyprus. And he knows that when Erdogan decides to start a new period of crisis with Greece, he will provoke him in Megalonis.

It is reasonable to fear in Athens that the period around the black anniversaries of Turkey's two invasions of Cyprus, from July 20 to August 14 and beyond, is … “suitable” for provocations.

It should not let us not be delusional, neither we the citizens nor the political elites in the Greek capital much more. We know that many of them consider Cyprus a problem, but we have news for them. They are hopelessly alone, the vast majority of Greeks languish for Cyprus. And they know the most basic thing: that if Cyprus is lost, it will be the turn of the Aegean.

Megalonisos is under occupation under the responsibility of the treacherous junta of Athens. We have proven this many times, but it is worth repeating for one basic reason: Greece has obligations towards Cyprus. As long as 40% of the territory of Cyprus is enslaved, we must remind the “Rozakis” and the others, who represent them inside and outside Greece, that they are to blame. No matter how much they try to shake off their responsibilities, they will not succeed.

The treacherous Junta, of course, is an aspect in itself. For democracy to be destroyed, the political world also has responsibilities. The constant government crises before the dictatorship gave the opportunity to a handful of idiots to seize power, rule Greece as a dictator and destroy Cyprus.

The Republic returned to the country that gave birth to it, only after the destruction of Cyprus. I am afraid that without the Cyprus tragedy, the Huntais would have ruled Greece for more years. They collapsed immediately after the Turkish invasion, to impose, Henry Kissinger and Evangelos Averof, in the prime ministership of Konstantinos Karamanlis. Yes, a lot is being said, and we can't hide that we know it. But there is no evidence that would bind a case to a Special Court.

The Greek Prime Minister is doing well in Turkey and I do not agree with those who ask for the postponement or even the cancellation of the visit. We should not be afraid of dialogue. We just have to stand firm in our positions and not back down. This is the demand of the citizens from their leaders…

POST GRAPH I: I must come back to the subject of the Commissioner for our Expatriates, who honor the name of Cyprus all over the world. A Commissioner is needed Mr. President and Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs. The solution that was given, with the appointment of an Ambassador, who already created reactions with her actions when she visited New York, was wrong. He also showed a disposition to degrade our emigrants.

Now that Mr. Constantinos Kombos will visit Washington, on the occasion of the conference of the World Coordination Committee of the Cyprus Struggle (PSEKA), I hope that he will also convey the decision to appoint the Commissioner, responsible exclusively for Expatriates. And by the opportunity, let him deal with the much-publicized “unity” of the Expatriates, especially in America. Nicosia must have a reason because it is sending an alpha reinforcement… Cyprus, together with Greece, must work to avoid the discord emanating from the “Phanariotes” of New York. It only serves the Turks…

POST GRAPH II: The President of the Republic and the Archbishop of Cyprus have been “bothered” by various fools to send an official invitation – to visit Cyprus – the Hope Bearer. The last one is the Archbishop of America, who sowed division in the Community, and especially in the Cypriot parish. His only purpose in life is to become the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. He is neither interested in Cyprus, nor in Greece, and much more in Homogenia. I don't know what Mr. Christodoulidis and Mr. George will decide in the end, but if they invite him, they will provoke the feelings of many of our expatriates… And remember that the current Greek government asked the Ecumenical Patriarch Mr. Bartholomew to replace him. Why he hasn't done so yet, we don't know. But if he searches and does not find, let him appoint an overseer (until he finds)…

Source: www.philenews.com

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