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Will the unvaccinated pay compensation? What the lawyer Christos M. Triantaphyllides says

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Will the unvaccinated pay compensation? What the lawyer Christos M. Triantaphyllides says

A citizen who was vaccinated for Covid-19 and then infected by an unvaccinated person can then sue the latter who infected him, through a court and claim damages. This is what the lawyer Christos M. Triantaphyllides mentions in today's post on Social Networking.

Mr. Triantaphyllides wrote specifically

It is a legal right not to be vaccinated

However, if someone has been vaccinated and infected by an unvaccinated person, they can turn against the latter who infected them and demand compensation.

Taking the decision not to vaccinate should also be taken into account.

https://twitter.com/TriantaCY/status/1421759926595170307?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw [/ embed]

Closed by politis.com.cy for further explanation and clarification of what Mr. Triantaphyllides said on Social Media, after initially clarifying that these are legal issues, he said that such a thing can be brought before a court, considering that the vaccinated person can prove that has been infected by an unvaccinated.

According to Mr. Triantaphyllides, this can be done since the vaccinated citizen can invoke the prevailing view of the scientific community both in Cyprus and internationally, which is in favor of vaccinations. This, according to the law, means that if a vaccinated person becomes infected by someone who has not been vaccinated who does not follow the prevailing position in the scientific community, something they are entitled to do, they may be subject to compensation from the person who became infected. that there is relevant evidence. He clarified that so far there is no such thing before a court, however it is a general principle.

Mr. Triantaphyllides cited as an example cases of medical negligence which are brought to justice. In these cases, he explained, it must be proved before the court that the doctor did not follow the usual method as applied in the opinion of the scientific community and then he will be found guilty. In case he added, that the doctor followed the appropriate procedure but for some reason something did not go well in the operation or recovery then the court will not consider that he was medically negligent and thus will not consider.

Source: politis.com.cy

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