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“Window” of stay… for one

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There is great interest in how APOEL will move in the last fortnight of the transfer window. What is certain is that the transfer of Lucas Souza, which is expected to be announced by Monday (16/8), will not be the last, as the administration intends to satisfy the “wants” of Savvas Poursaitidis and further strengthen the roster.

Everything shows that in addition to the Brazilian midfielder, an extreme attacker and central defender will also be acquired, while according to information, there are also thoughts for a goalkeeper, extreme defender and midfielder, although it is considered a given that 1-2 of these moves will concern List B players. .

In order for the above transfers to take place, of course, it is necessary (for the additions of List A ') for there to be departures of footballers and the players who are candidates to shake a handkerchief, are known. Garner and Endongala seem to be the most “confident”, while beyond that, the information states that Bern, Ludemo are on the same list.

It is not ruled out, however, that one of the last two will remain on the roster, in the event that four transfers of List A are not made. In this scenario, the departure of one of the two (and assuming that Garner and Endongala will indeed leave) will be enough to register the players who will be acquired.

After all, if both Byrne and Ludemo leave in the final, the options in the midfield will be significantly reduced, where (with the exception of Danilo-de Vincenti who are calculated mainly for the “10” position and possibly at the ends), they will stay for the The other two positions are Dausville, Souza for key players and Satsias, Dias (if not loaned out) for alternatives. Of course, the data will change if another medium is acquired after Souza…

We remind you that for Byrne it had leaked that the blue and yellows are thinking of not terminating the cooperation with him and lending him, as they believe in his abilities and consider that if after his injury that left him out for a long time, he will be given the opportunity to another team to record a full season, he will be able to return being able to help substantially. However, if Ludemo leaves, it is not ruled out that the Irishman will remain on the roster, while the reverse scenario cannot be ruled out either.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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