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With Ecologists Nikolas Afxentiou – Two more names on the Larnaca ballot (photo)

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With Ecologists Nikolas Afxentiou - Two more names on the Larnaca ballot (photo)

The proposal of the Ecologists 'Movement – Citizens' Cooperation for participation in the Larnaca ballot was accepted by Nikolas Afxentiou.

In his statements to politis.com.cy, Mr. Afxentiou stated that he said yes because he considers the Greens a movement, with a healthy political way of thinking that focuses on man and his quality of life and not the service of interests and expediencies.

“I consider the Ecologists,” he stressed, “the only non-extreme political space that remained clean from corruption and untouched by the scandals that involve the political world of the place.”

“I chose the Larnaca candidacy,” he said, “because I understand and experience Larnaca much more directly and I have much more to offer.”

“I believe,” he continued, “that my attempt as a candidate for such an important post is not just a temporary experience, but goes back in time and will continue in the future, whatever the outcome of the election.”

“I believe,” he said, “that things can change for the better with the involvement of active citizens and correcting the small ones first, which are easily improved.”

“My motivation,” he concluded, “is a better world for Larnaca and a better city for the world.” My motto 'When we get better and the world gets better' “.

Two more names on the ballot

However, information from politis.com states that the names of Andreas Soseilos and Loukas Stylianou will be included in the Larnaca ballot. Andreas Soseilos is described as a very active person with significant public action at the local level. Equally active person is Loukas Sylianou who is a member of the SY.M.E.A. movement.

With Ecologists Nikolas Afxentiou - Two more names on the Larnaca ballot (photo)

Curriculum vitae of Nikola Afxentiou

Nikolas Afxentiou was born in 1966 in Famagusta and became a refugee during the 1974 war and took refuge in Larnaca, where he remains to this day. He distinguished himself at the age of twelve, as an excellent student and won the only scholarship for the College of Athens.

After his military service, as a self-created man, he worked and developed professionally successfully. At the same time he studied music and wrote.

At the age of 28, he changed his lifestyle, realizing his dream of an unplanned trip to Asian countries that lasted seven years, with only a backpack and his saxophone.

The experience led him to another way of thinking and as a volunteer he found himself working in various missions in Asia. In Mother Teresa's mission and the Greek Orthodox mission in Calcutta, India, as well as in the Greek Orthodox community of Indonesia, he volunteered, designing and successfully completing various projects.

In 1998, with the contributions of friends, he published his poems and epigrams as a joint effort and donated all the proceeds to the charitable projects he undertook.

He was later asked to participate and participate as an actor in the role of actor, in Arthur Miller's play “Above the Bridge” in Ethal Limassol, together with Giannis Voglis, directed by Andrea Pantzis, playing live, with his saxophone, his musical investment written by Vassos Argyridis. The guy of the time and especially the English praised him especially for the success of his participation.

During the opening of the roadblocks, he was immediately involved and actively participated in numerous efforts to reunite the place.

He also took an active part in efforts to find the missing and was present as a supporter of the Turkish Cypriot couple in the occupied territories when they were expelled by the occupying authorities, thanks to the forbidden display of the Cypriot flag in the north.

He is an amateur musician, engaged in writing, sports and considers his participation in common political duties.

He is a regular blood donor and from the beginning registered in the register of potential organ donors.

He is married and maintains a retail store in Larnaca.

Source: politis.com.cy

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