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With Lennon, the philosophy of Omonia does not change much

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The truth is that the administration of Stavros Papastavrou had found its peace with Henning Berg on the bench. This is because before the Norwegian she had changed two coaches (Oliva, Anastasiou) in her first term with the assumption of the company in May 2018. However, the Norwegian coach has been gone for a week and in his place he is now covered by a Northern Irishman, the 50-year-old Neil Lennon. Of course the ten trophies with Celtic are an element that played a role in Lennon's choice. Like the fact that he has brought up several young people in Celtic. He certainly wants this important step in his career to be accompanied by success. Time will tell. For the first time a coach from this country will sit on the green bench. However, he can well be considered the coach of the “British school” since, both as a player and as a coach, he only worked in teams in Great Britain. Essentially, the people in charge preferred another person whose philosophy is quite similar to that of Berg, who had plenty of performances from England and from them he drew elements that he used in Omonia, but also in his other teams. So the philosophy that led the Greens to recent successes does not change much.

56th on the bench

In the 74-year history of Omonia, he will be the 56th coach sitting on the bench, and, as you understand, this number is large. Berg “endured” two and a half years and something and is generally one of the & # 8230; longer lasting. The last one who was more than two years old was the late Ionso Arsov, and in fact twice. The only exception, the first four years, when the Armenian Cypriot Tikran Misirian played in the team having the responsibility for training. When he left, he was succeeded by the Englishman John Johnson. Another Englishman, John Carver, came from Britain a few years ago. Analytically the coaches who worked in Omonia since its founding.

1948-49 Tikran Misirian

1949-50 Tikran Misirian

1950-51 Tikran Misirian

1951-52 Tikran Misirian

1952-53 John Johnson (English)

1953-54 Pampos Avraamidis

1954-55 Pambos Avraamidis

1955-56 Hans Huggenhuizen (Austrian)

1956-57 Hans Huggenhuizen

1957-58 Karl Wiegler (West German)

1958-59 Karl Wiegler

1959-60 Eli Fuks (Israeli)

1960-61 Nako Tsiakmakov (Bulgarian)

1961-62 Nako Tsiakmakov

1962-63 Tourai (Hungarian)

1963-64 Stoyan Petrov (Bulgarian)

< p style = "text-align: justify;"> 1964-65 Andreas Keremezos

1965-66 Georgi Patsiatsiev (Bulgarian)

1966-67 Igor Neto (Soviet)

1967-68 Georgi Barga (Hungarian)

1968-69 Georgi Patsiatsiev

1969-70 Georgi Patsiachev

1970-71 Tsiakarov (Bulgarian)

1971-72 Dopromir Taskov (Bulgarian)

1972-73 Vasil Spasov (Bulgarian)

1973-74 Vasil Spasov

1974-75 Andreas Esso

1975-76 Ilchev (Bulgarian)


1976-77 Gabriel Stoyanov (Bulgarian)

1977-78 Peter Argirov (Bulgarian)

1978-79 Peter Argirov

1979-80 Ioncho Arsof (Bulgarian)

1980-81 Vassil Spasov

1981-82 Vassil Spasov

1982-83 Dopromir Tashkov

1983-84 Atanas Dramov (Bulgarian)

1984-85 Atanas Dramov

1985-86 Georgi Tigov (Bulgarian)

1986-87 Ioncho Arsof

1987-88 Ioncho Arsof

1988-89 Ioncho Arsof

1989-90 Bozil Kolef (Bulgarian)

1990-91 Helmut Senekovich (Austrian)

1991-92 Graziano Zacarel (Brazilian)

1991-92 Ioncho Arsof

1992-93 Ioncho Arsof

1993-94 Ioncho Arsof

1994-95 Gerd Prokop (German)

1995-96 Gerd Prokop

1995-96 Walter Skotsik (Austrian)

1996-97 Angel Kolef (Bulgarian)

1996-97 Andreas Michailidis

1997-98 Andreas Michailidis

1998-99 Andreas Michailidis

1999-00 Tousan Gallis ( Slovak)

1999-00 Ioncho Arsof

2000-01 Asparuh Nikodimov (Bulgarian)

2000-01 Henk Howard (Dutch)

2001-02 Andreas Mouskallis

2002-03 Toni Savevski (Skopje)

2003-04 Tony Savefski

2004-05 Franνiσεek μούνmunda (Polish)

2004-05 Henk Howard

2005-06 Ioan Antone (Romanian)

2005-06 Giannis Mantzourakis (Greek)

2006-07 Giannis Mantzourakis

2007-08 Dragomir Okuka (Serb)

2007-08 George Savvidis

2007-08 Nedim Tutic (Bosnia)

2008-09 Nedim Tutic

2008-09 Takis Lemonis (Greek)

2009-10 Takis Lemonis

2009-10 Dusan Bajevic (Serb)

2010-11Neophytos Larkou

< p style = "text-align: justify;"> 2012-13 Tony Savevsky

2013-14 Miguel Λngel Lotina (Spaniard)

2013-14 Costas Kaiafas

2014- 15 Kostas Kaiafas

2015-16 Costas Kaiafas

2015-16 Vladan Milojevic (Serb)

2016-17 John Carver (English)

2017-18 Pambos Christodoulou

2017-18 Ivailo Petef (Bulgarian)

2017-18 Gesper Fredberg (Danish)


2018-19 Juan Carlos Oliva (Spaniard)

2018-19 Giannis Anastasiou (Greek)

2019-20 Henning Berg (Norwegian)

2020-21 Henning Berg

< p style = "text-align: justify;"> 2021-22 Henning Berg

2021-22 Neil Lennon (Northern Ireland)

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