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With messages of victory from supporters, the final pre-election gathering of N. Nikolaidis

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    The candidate Mayor of the municipality of Limassol Nikos Nicolaidis once again presented his vision for Limassol

    The Limesos wants to move forward for this and chooses Nikos Nicolaidisstated at noon on Saturday the President of the Democratic Alarm, Annita Dimitriou, welcoming the final pre-election rally of the candidate for Mayor of the Limassol municipality.

    The Mr. Dimitriou, sent a message of victory saying that “Limesos wants to move forward, it wants to ensure purity, development, perspective and this can be achieved with Nikos Nikolaidis”. “Together with Savva Stoupa and Vassilis Dimitriadis, they really are the strongest group to be able to move forward and develop a project that is needed for the new image of Limassol,” she said, referring to the candidate for deputy mayor of Limassol and the candidate for the Presidency of the Limassol Provincial Organization of Self-Government, respectively.

    “We have a mayor and we will have a mayor, one of our own, Nikos Nicolaidis, and I invite you in these last days to activate as we know how to send the message that it is not time for experimentation, it is time to continue on the same path, in the same perspective what the citizens of Limassol deserve as a whole” said the President of DISY.

    The President of the Democratic Faction Marios Karoyan also sent a message of victory. “Today there is an influx of people here and this fact is not accidental, exactly what you have given for so many years, you receive” he said.

    He added, “clear sky lightning is not afraid, the world has judgment, it can evaluate the right from the wrong, the world can sense and understand that Limassol has done incredible things in this period and Nikolaidis and his associates have the right to continue the grandiose plan because Limassol and the people of Limassol deserve it”.

    For his part, the candidate Mayor of the municipality of Limassol Nikos Nikolaidis presented once again his vision for Limassol. “We will remain committed to our city, to improving the everyday of our citizens, so that they can set up their lives and start new families in a humane, clean and safe environment . We will continue the course of upgrading and developing the city, we are working for a Limassol, which will continue to develop in all sectors” he emphasized among others.

    The event was also welcomed by Stavros Giallouridis on behalf of Active Citizens – of the Movement of United Cypriot Hunters and Yiannis Kyriakidis on behalf of the ELPIS Movement.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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