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With points… that “surprised the big one”. The Mathematical Society of Cyprus for the Pan-Cypriot essay

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    How does the Mathematical Society of Cyprus comment on the essay in Pancypriots that brought voices – The essay had brought strong reactions

    The Mathematical Society Cyprus in its announcement about the Mathematics essay for the Pancypriot Examinationsnotes that the essay was long in length and had points that took the candidates by surprise, resulting in anxiety, which in most cases reduces their performance.

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    As reported by the Board of the Mathematical Society, even though all subjects were within of subject matter and covered its entire spectrum and had clear verbal and mathematical wording except for the subject B2 of Combinations which in the wording it needed more clarification so that it would not admit of two different approaches to its solution, “the volume of issues was large with a multitude of questions, some of which were original andthey required a good knowledge of Mathematical concepts and a lot of time for complete answers and solutions”.

    According to the Mathematical Society, the first topic B1 of Part 2 of the essay has been predictable and expected by candidates for at least 30 years in terms of its structure and only the standard facts changed, however in this year's essay it changed. “The change of B1 with the topic B5 which required deepening the understanding of the material and critical thinking is in a positive direction” it is reported with the Mathematical Society noting that “the change of philosophy in the structure of the topics of the Mathematics of the Pancypriot Examinations should not be abrupt and extensive without preparing the candidates for such topics during their teaching throughout the school year”.

    “In general the essay was long in length and had points that surprised the candidates, resulting in anxiety, which in most cases reduces their performance” emphasizes the Company, recalling its firm position to change the structure of examination essays and indicating that “the long and demanding essay leaves no time for candidates to think”.

    “In our opinion, the Mathematics essay can achieve distinction with less volume of topics and a small number original, targeted and combined questions”, concludes the Mathematical Society of Cyprus.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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