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With Pr. Anastasiadis puts it on Tatar: He accuses him of outrageous statements that offend the “Turkish people”

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Turkish leader Ersin Tatar issued a written statement on Monday accusing President Anastasiadis of outrageous and uncontrollable statements insulting the “Turkish people”.

He claimed that the PTA behaves as the sole owner of the island, as he said, and considers that he has the right to “interfere even in the 'bilateral relations' of the 'tdbk'”.

He referred to statements of virtual fiction by the President and reiterated the alleged isolation of the Turkish Cypriots and the restrictions “imposed on the 'Turkish Cypriot people' since 1963”. >

On the “protocol” with Ankara, Tatar said that it is a “bilateral protocol between states” and is of great importance for the development of actions that will benefit the “t/κ λαό ». He said that “his government” is doing everything possible to get out of the financial impasse and this bothers Mr. Anastasiadis.

According to his claims, the real He called on the international community to follow the rhetoric of the presidential candidates and the vision of the possible President because this will give clear messages for the future of the Cyprus problem and the region.


Source: politis.com.cy

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