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With the formula of Cran Montana, the informal five-party

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With the formula of Cran Montana, the informal five-party

Through parallel monologues that will last for almost two months, the whole process will be maintained until the informal meeting in April in Geneva. The Turkish side does not favor joint meetings of the two sides on the island before April 27th. Jane Hall Luth came to Cyprus attempting a joint meeting of either the two leaders or the negotiators to no avail. He stayed in separate meetings with Anastasiadis and Tatar while he also worked separately with the negotiators Mavrogiannis and Olgun.

The UN Secretary-General's special envoy discussed mainly the procedures for the informal Pentagon in Geneva in April. According to our information, he intends to return to the island in early April to continue the consultations. Today he is going to Athens for contacts at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has not yet been decided when he will go to Ankara, while he will talk to London via video conference.


YPEX: Absolute cooperation and coordination with Athens against a backdrop of a five insists on the Tatar- Find told the Lutte Borrell two-state solution to visit in Nicosia: “It all depends Cypriots”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations intends to be in Geneva throughout the informal talks. Following the formula of Crans Montana, he intends to divide the whole process into three phases. In the first phase it will meet all five parts together. In the second phase he will hold separate meetings with the five, in groups (leaders of both sides, three guarantors). And the informal conference will close with a new joint meeting of the five when Antonio Guterres will announce the results. There are three options for the UN Secretary-General: to announce the resumption of negotiations, to announce an agreement to continue efforts to resume talks, or to declare a stalemate.

Mobility in the Cyprus issue at this time is carried out at various levels. In their telephone conversation, the President of Turkey and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom discussed the developments in the Cyprus issue. Erdogan spoke of a two-state solution, while Boris Johnson referred to a DDO solution.

The Cyprus issue is at the center of the contacts made by the president of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos in Athens. He saw the Prime Minister and tomorrow he will meet the Foreign Minister. At home, the political forces underline the importance of developments and make suggestions for a five-party solution.


Source: www.philenews.com

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