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“With the support of Greece, Cyprus continues to claim the same principles and values”

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«Με τη στorριξ&eta ; της Ελλαδας η Κyπρος συνεχΙζει ν&alpha διεκδικεΙ τις Ιδιες αρχες και α&xi iες»

With the decisive support of Greece, an integral part of the ambivalence of the united European peoples, “Cyprus today looks at history realizing that it continues to claim the same principles and values ​​for which the peoples fought in World War II”, he said in a message of the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Prodromos Prodromos, on the occasion of tomorrow's anniversary of October 28.

“Within this union of peace and creation won with struggles, we will continue to claim and the liberation of Cypriot land that is still encroached upon by Turkey, noted the Minister.

Referring to the historical events of 1940, Mr. Prodromou said that the Prime Minister of Greece, Ioannis Metaxas, expressed the will and determination of the Greek people not to accept submission, but to resist the advance of the Axis powers and in defiance that the forces of totalitarianism had already conquered a large part of Europe, Greece stood up to them.

In this light that Hellenism shed again on the Ecumene, “our special homeland also had its share. Upon hearing the heroic NO, Greek Cypriots poured into the streets with blue and white in their hands singing the national anthem,” he said and added that many Cypriots fought alongside the Greek army and around 650 died on the battlefields.

Referring to the students, he said that, “your youth is the world's window to the future. Your world, you want and we want it to be a world of freedom and human dignity. It is for this world that Hellenism fought, saying NO to the conquerors and oppressors, to the forces of totalitarianism that emerged from the interwar Europe. In the end, the values ​​of European and universal civilization prevailed: freedom and democracy, justice, human dignity and the right of each person to define his life and destiny”.

Concluding, he noted that the 28 October is “a day of wishes for a happy birthday in Hellenism. The struggle and sacrifices of those who preceded us give us the basis of the wish. You give this wish the wings of your drive for freedom and creation”.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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