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Within a week the goal for changes in THIMELI-“We want to announce the applications”

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Within a week, they would like to make the changes and corrections to the THIMELI theater schemes subsidy plan, the Deputy Minister of Culture, Vassiliki Kassianidou, told KYPE. after the 1st consultation that took place on Wednesday between the Deputy Ministry and theater operators.

As Ms. Kassianidou said, “we would like to make the changes and corrections within a week because we want to announce the applications for the second semester of 2024, so that there is time for theater organizations to prepare their applications and also to be examined the applications, so that if some people want to be able to perform in June as well, they can do so, although the second semester normally starts in July and ends in December”.

He noted that “because in the first half of the year several of the productions did not take place, we want to give the opportunity to the theater organizations, who wish and have the possibility and are in time, if they want to have some performances in June as well”.

< p data-block-key="1r24k">For the consultation, held on the ground floor of the Deputy Ministry, Mrs. Kassianidou said that “all of us agreed that first of all what is needed is an increase in the fund for culture in general ».

He added that “if we had a bigger funding obviously the sponsorships for the theaters would be more generous”.

As the Deputy Minister said, “it is also a common admission everyone that there are different opinions, views, as well as different needs within the theater space and we try to balance and satisfy various sides, both the theater operators, the actors and the contributors”.

“We have to find a golden ratio and this is not always easy and obviously because there are different needs it is difficult to satisfy everyone,” said the Deputy Minister of Culture.

She noted the need “both and us, to set a limit, a ceiling, for how far the funding can go”.

As the Deputy Minister said, today's consultation was preceded by the written submission of opinions, comments and remarks by theater operators, actors' guilds and other actors of the theater which “we will take into account and we will improve it as much as we can”.

< p data-block-key="99l8t">He added that the THYMELI grant scheme “is a scheme, which we inherited from the Cyprus Theater Organization and it is ongoing, we will make some changes, we will see how it goes again, it will be corrected again for of the year and hopefully we will get to a point where it will be a plan that will satisfy everyone.”

The Deputy Minister said that “there will be a lot of changes in relation to the first semester plan and this period of time is transitional from the point of view that we will see with these changes that we will make how well the plan will go”.

Our goal, he continued, “is to arrive at a plan, which first of all we will be able to announce for the whole year”.

Regarding what was expressed by the theater operators, the Deputy Minister of Culture said that “one of the issues, which several people have mentioned to us today and also in the past, is that they would like to be able to program for the whole year”.

He said that in order for this to be possible, “we have to announce the plan much earlier, that is, for 2025 we should announce it from the summer of 2024 so that the applications can be submitted within September so that they have an answer and know that next year they have been approved a specific number of performances and a related fund”.

The Deputy Minister of Culture repeating that the discussion took place “in very good atmosphere” said the consultation did not involve the Federation of Theater Organizations “so we didn't have their point of view during the discussion” although they had been invited to attend.

He added that after this development “we will arrange a meeting with them to discuss, because what we want is to hear all sides”.

Source: KYPE

Source: reporter.com.cy

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