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Within the next few days the launch of the iSAVElives application

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Εντoς των επο&mu ;ενων ημερoν η εναρξη λειτουργΙας &tau ;ης εφαρμογorς iSAVElives

Within the next few days, the iSAVElives application will be launched, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the actions of the Ministry of Health for the immediate shielding, safety, protection and rescue of every human life, which is at risk from a heart attack, drowning or other cause.

Through the memorandum of cooperation signed on November 11, 2022 between the Minister of Health, Michalis Chatzipantelas, and the President of the Greek Humanitarian Civil Society Organization KIDS SAVE LIVES – Children Save Lives, Anastasios Stefanakis, a common front of solidarity is being created for the immediate shielding, security, protection and rescue of every human life that is at risk.

Already in Cyprus they have been registered and approved on the relevant online map more than 100 defibrillators and the training of citizens through online seminars has begun.

In his greeting, during the press conference for the iSAVElives application, the Minister of Health addressed a call to businesses, organizations and citizens who have a defibrillator, to proceed with its registration in the online National Map of KIDS SAVE LIVES, but also to update the data kept in the file of the Ministry of Health.

It is noted that regarding the operation of the application in Cyprus there will be relevant information from the Ministry of Health, while citizens will be invited to download the application on their mobile phones.

< p>Michalis Hatzipantela spoke of the importance of the offer of the Civil Society Organization KIDS SAVE LIVES to Cyprus, as he said “through the agreement the application is granted completely free of charge to the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, while at the same time in cooperation with the Revitalization Service of The Ministry of Health provides free seminars for the education of citizens, who will be called upon to respond to a life-threatening incident.

As the competent Minister said, “with this application, the collaborations of the Ministry of Health in the field of Health are strengthened, aiming at prevention, awareness and informing the public about the institution of First Aid, at the development of a Network of Automatic External Defibrillators which will be maintained registered with a spatial arrangement in the National Charter of the KIDS SAVE LIVES Organization, in the timely treatment of life-threatening events and the increase of the survival rate through the Administrative Coordination of the Ministry of Health, the Scientific Support of the Cardiology Clinic of the Nicosia General Hospital and the Technical Support of Resuscitation Services.

Speaking at the conference, the President of the KIDS SAVE LIVES Organization, Anastasios Stefanakis, analyzed the innovative systems that the Organization has created that save lives, as well as what phase this is in collaboration.

He explained that iSAVElives is aimed at adults, teenagers and children, noting that children in particular "have infinite abilities and we should not leave them out of the problem of interruptions and emergencies".

According to Anastasios Stefanakis, KIDS SAVE LIVES has already trained 110 thousand adults, teenagers and children in Greece free of charge, noting that "some of them have already saved human lives".

He also mentioned that it has already in the last month, Cypriot citizens have been given access to training programs, access to the National Card of Defibrillators, to add that already in the last two months work is being done by the programmers, so that the   iSAVElives, but also in the Ambulance Service of the Republic of Cyprus.

Citing data, Mr. Stefanakis spoke of 350 thousand cardiac arrests every year in Europe, stressing that ways must be found to reduce this number.

Source: KYPE

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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