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Without VAR… normal work

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Without VAR… normal work

The refereeing mistakes may not have disappeared with the introduction of the VAR in the Cypriot stadiums, but they have been reduced to a very, very large extent. At least we do not see the dietary crimes of the past or even if we do see these blunders they are not continuous.

Some referees and assistants judged teams for years and angered the people. Obviously, the excuse of human error was valid in some cases, however in Cyprus… it became a daily phenomenon. The referees and the assistants “forgot” to use their whistle and their flag in obvious offenses or … they used them where they should not.

But what to say now? When the other is half a meter offside there is the VAR. If a player makes a clear foul in the area, there is still the VAR. The VAR in a nutshell came to end (and) the great work…

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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