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Women Non-Commissioned Officers of the Hellenic Armed Forces complain of discrimination

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5th, 6th, 7th & nbsp; and 8 & nbsp; series, were “victims of gender-based discrimination at work”, according to a resolution to the Ministry of Defense, which was approved on Tuesday in protest of the issue, which took place outside the Ministry. & nbsp;

The resolution states, among other things, that “the Ministry of Defense, & nbsp; during the period between the appointment of these women NCOs & nbsp; as Volunteers in the year 1993 to 2016, repealed the regulations that introduced prohibited discrimination based on sex at work , ie for a period of 13 years, blatantly violated the fundamental human right of these women NCOs, for non-discrimination on grounds of sex at work`.

& nbsp; It is added that although the Ministry of Defense in 2016 amended the Regulations that introduced for women Non-Commissioned Officers unequal treatment and discrimination based on gender at work and although 6 years have passed since then “nevertheless, until today, through various excuses, refuses to redress the negative consequences for women NCOs as a result of his own actions, ie the violation of the fundamental human right of these NCOs for non-discrimination on the grounds of sex at work “.

The protesters call on the President of the Republic, the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Defense, as they immediately proceed with the full restoration & nbsp; of the adverse effects on women NCOs of discrimination based on sex at work, namely:

(1). To restore them to the permanent position of Sergeant, that is, to appoint them retroactively to the permanent position of Sergeant, from the date they would be appointed, if there was no discrimination against them on the basis of sex.

(2 ). To restore their careers, as it would have evolved, had it not been for their gender discrimination. That is, to promote them to positions in the hierarchy that they would normally be promoted if they were not discriminated against on the basis of sex.

As mentioned, the next & nbsp; protest & nbsp; protest & nbsp; is scheduled to & nbsp; held on April 10, 2022 outside the Ministry of Defense, “in order to provide a reasonable time for the resolution of the whole issue of these female NCOs”.


Source: www.philenews.com

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