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Women talking: Maybe the movie of the year

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Nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture and not without reason. Everything worth knowing

Women talking: Ίσως η &tau ;αινΙα της χρονιΑς

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Paris Dimitriadis

Based on shocking real events, the plot of the film “Women talking” takes us a decade ago and specifically to 2010, where the women of an authoritarian religious, Christian minority in Bolivia, suffer from mass rape, unimaginable impoverishment and constant abuse, both physical and psychological.

The film has already won many important awards and has managed to be included in the ten final nominations for this year's Oscar for Best Film.

With the names in the star cast including famous actresses such as Frances McDormand, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley and Rooney Mara, 'Women talking', as the title suggests, focuses on women talking. It is a conversation that takes place, however, inside a… stable, in the context of the strange life with which this ultra-conservative religious community chooses to live.

Directed by the Canadian actress, Sarah Polley, “Women talking” is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by the also Canadian Miriam. Both the book and the film reveal the true story of a gang rape that happened a decade ago in the “Mennonite” Christian community in Bolivia.

The existential stakes of the impoverished women gathered in the stable are whether they will choose to stay within their church and its religious sect, where they are tyrannized by hideous men-monsters, or will they transcend to escape hell but reject at the same time their faith.

Women talking: Ίσω ς η ταινΙα της χρονιας

Tyrant God

But really, what kind of god is he who covers up, promotes and blesses crimes committed in his name? Is there such a god? Despite the strong disagreements among themselves, these women are called to move forward together to contribute to the creation of a better and more humane world for themselves and their children.

Otherwise, they must endure the forever, as frightened and humiliated modern slaves, who will be abused incessantly, both sexually and psychologically.

According to a report by Thodoris Koutsioyannopoulos in LiFO, the Oscar-nominated film for Best Picture is a multi-faceted, dialogic meditation on female abuse, poetically addressed to the boy of the future who will be born into a fairer and better world. At the same time, the film highlights the deeply problematic issue of extremist Christian denominations, such as the Mennonite community, which lives and operates with an authoritarianism that is absolutely humiliating for its members.

In addition to the tyrannical patriarchy, where women are slaves to the appetites of paranoid men, among the members of the community basic freedoms such as for example listening to music or having a mobile phone are prohibited. According to this sick doctrine, a place in heaven is only guaranteed if one renounces all modern comforts and conveniences (electricity for example) and faithfully follows the old way of life of the people who could survive only by using plow and oxen.

Women talking: Ίσως η τα&iota ;νλα της χρονιας

The rapists – ghosts

One particular event that caused a huge outcry and became even more famous on the occasion of the film, was the case that has gone down in the history of Bolivian police reporting as the rapists – ghosts who, as it turned out along the way, were men – members of the said community . It all started in 2005, when Mennonite women and girls – and in some cases boys too – woke up in the morning bleeding, bruised, with torn clothes and semen on their bodies.

Some had faint memories of the men abusing them while others still had ropes on their legs and arms. It was obvious that before the abuse and rape, they were drugged. Most of them were afraid to speak while there were not a few who believed that these were attacks from… ghosts that happened for some dark reason as… punishment. On the rare occasion that a woman dared to speak up and report the affair she was immediately accused of being… a liar who made up paranoid stories that were the result of “uncontrollable female imagination”.

An article in Britain's Harper's Bazaar talks about amazing production, with big stars in the cast and the fact that it draws inspiration from a true story makes it even more shocking as a film. It is worth noting that more than 60 thousand members of this community still live in Bolivia today.

Watch the trailer:

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