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Work stoppage order issued due to heatwave

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Work stoppage order issued due to heatwave

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    Cyprus is grappling with a severe heatwave, prompting authorities to enact public health measures and restrictions on outdoor work to safeguard citizens.

    Hospitals and fire services have been placed on high alert to address potential heat-related emergencies.

    The Labor Inspection Department has taken the precautionary measure of suspending all non-essential outdoor work, including manual labor and deliveries by motorbike or scooter, during the peak heat hours of noon to 4 pm, when road temperatures pose a significant danger.

    The Ministry of Health has identified infants, young children, the elderly, especially those living alone, outdoor workers, and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions as high-risk groups during this period.

    Pregnant women, people with disabilities, and those who are socially isolated are also urged to take precautions.

    The Ministry advises residents to limit sun exposure, avoid unnecessary travel and strenuous activity, and prioritize staying hydrated with water and fruit juices. Wearing loose-fitting clothing, hats, and sunglasses is recommended for sun protection. People are encouraged to check on vulnerable individuals, particularly infants, the elderly, and pregnant women.

    Symptoms of heat exhaustion, which require immediate medical attention, include severe headache, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, fainting, or a drop in blood pressure. Heatstroke, a more serious condition, presents with a sudden rise in body temperature, red, hot, and dry skin, rapid breathing, intense thirst, confusion, and even seizures or coma.

    If these symptoms occur, call for medical help immediately.

    The Labor Inspection Department reminds employers and the self-employed of their obligations to protect outdoor workers not covered by the suspension order.

    This includes measuring workplace temperature and humidity, adjusting work schedules with breaks and rotations as needed, and providing cool, shaded areas for rest.

    Offering cool drinking water, encouraging suitable clothing and headwear, and discouraging heavy meals and sugary drinks are also crucial measures.

    Finally, the authorities warn of an increased risk of wildfires due to the extreme heat and urge the public to exercise extreme caution and avoid any activities that could spark fires.

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