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WRITTEN STATEMENT of the Minister for the relaxations-What is the answer…

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WRITTEN STATEMENT of the Minister for the relaxations-What is the answer…

Cyprus has the potential to de-escalate the restrictive measures because it follows a conservative policy, based on the recommendations of experts with specific evaluation indicators of each phase, in order to minimize the multiple risk factors. As we have said many times, the epidemiological picture is highly volatile and does not allow for long-term planning and long-term decision-making, because everything is conditional on the evolution of the pandemic.

Until at least the vulnerable groups of the population are vaccinated, the health crisis management plan is based on the strategy that envisages:

  1. Mass tests for rapid detection and isolation of infections,
  2. Meticulous process of tracking cases to stop the spread of the virus, and
  3. Implementation and supervision of health protocols and self-protection measures.

The above measures are the key to returning to normalcy. But in order to be effective, all three need to be done, with diligence and attention, something that makes the cooperation of all necessary. I want to once again express the willingness and cooperation of the vast majority of citizens, to whom the good epidemiological performance of Cyprus is due. At the same time, however, I want to express my deepest concern at the fact that this very good image is being tarnished by acts of disorder that are disrespectful to the feelings of the people and neutralize the many months of sacrifice and deprivation of all.

It is also our desire to get out of the restrictions quickly. Under no circumstances, however, will we make hasty decisions that would undermine the effort to return to security.

The Advisory Scientific Committee, the Technical Committee and the Ministry of Health take into account the requests for more relaxation, which we receive from professional, social, scientific and other bodies, political parties, opinion makers and citizens. Suggestions, opinions and criticism are respected.

It would be a good idea if all requests could be met, but this is a contradiction in terms. We have shown that suggestions that are feasible are adopted, provided that they are practical and, above all, do not endanger public health. We do what is humanly possible to solve problems that arise. Our goal was and remains the controlled exit from the restrictions in order to avoid a setback that will lead us to new prohibitions and will trap us in a vicious circle, with even worse social and economic consequences. We ask for the cooperation of all citizens in order to save valuable time in order to shield the citizens who are most at risk with the vaccine. The vaccination program continues normally and with the receipt of a large amount of vaccines in the next period, it will be intensified.

With diligent implementation of health protocols, numerous tests and vaccinations, Cyprus can hope to continue the de-escalation plan smoothly and to deal effectively with this phase of the health crisis. At this time, it is important to preserve the epidemiological picture, so that we can proceed to further de-escalation with determination and confidence. We are near the end. But we must not rush.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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