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Yes, but for the abusive clauses

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Yes, but for the abusive clauses

There is a political will to protect small businesses from abusive bank clauses, but there is currently uncertainty as to when they will be implemented.

The Ministries of Finance and Energy, prefer the preparation of a separate bill which will cover small businesses from the abusive clauses of the banks, rather than incorporating provision in the multi-bill for the protection of individuals, as, as they claim, such a thing will make polynomial plan for natural persons.

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The deputies, despite being in favor of expanding the protection of small businesses, express fears that the new legislation may “stick” to the Legal Service when the technical inspection is sent. Yesterday, under the microscope of the Parliamentary Committee on Trade was put the multi-bill which protects, among other things, the rights of consumers, ie individuals from the abusive clauses in banking contracts. In fact, the Republic received a warning letter from the Commission on 25 February due to the late transposition of the European directive. The Republic has a deadline to respond to the European Commission until April 20, so the bill must be approved by Parliament before that date so that the country does not get into trouble.


Source: www.philenews.com

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