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You have laws, apply them

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You have laws, apply them

We have been hearing in recent days, from various quarters, that new legislation is needed. To pass other laws for the pandemic, to pass other laws for the cause of fires.

These proposals only cause insults. But they also cause frustration when heard from formal lips. Whether they are ministers, MPs or other government officials. Because they know very well, or at least they should have known that there are many laws. They cover these issues and provide severe penalties. But who will implement them? The state is responsible for this. And unfortunately we find that the same state at best neglects to enforce the laws. But even there, when the application is unavoidable and the offenders are taken to prison, we observe the state itself rushing to reduce the sentences. For various reasons and causes he reduces the sentences, gives pardons and the aspect of punishment is generally annulled.

So when it is observed that a law has been made that every person sentenced to imprisonment, regardless of the illegality he has committed, will serve a small part of his sentence. When he knows that his punishment will be minimal in relation to what the law provides, what deterrent effect will this threat have on his intentions? Yes he will ignore and break the law. Yes he will write all the others and the whole society in the soles of his shoes and he will do what his dry head dictates.

A recent example is the recent fires. After the huge fire in the area of Arakapa and despite what was said we had a recurrence of the phenomenon. A little over twenty-four hours later, human activity and unpredictability caused another catastrophic fire in Pera Pedi.

Much can be said on the subject. But everything can be summed up in what laws we have. What is needed is their implementation. We would say their strict application. And it's not just about fires and pandemics. It concerns and covers all aspects of our lives. From traffic, juvenile delinquency to serious crime. Decisions are needed, not words, every time the news gives reasons.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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