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“You said to me, come on daughter, let's take a selfie to remember, as if you knew” (VINTEO)

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«Μου ελεγεσ ελ&alpha ; κόρη βγαζουμε selfie να θυμόμαστε, λεσ κ ;αι το orξερες» (ΒINTEO)

A fellow student of 24-year-old Anastasia Adamidou, Natia Kakusandze, who posted a video on social media, in which she talks about the bereaved young woman, who lost her life in the fatal accident in Tempi, is shocking.

&laquo? Who dared to take these dreams from you, who dared to take you away from us. I won't say goodbye to you, my little one, because you will live forever in my heart,' Natia says, among other things, in the moving video.

Natia Kakusandze says:

Who would have thought that a 19-year-old girl and 28-year-old me would meet by chance in our second year of dentistry and bond so much.

The list of our names put us side by side and for five years we were together every day. In every workshop, in every clinic, in every break, in every difficult moment, we were there for each other, either solving questions, or keeping the spirit alive as helpers.

How I will miss these little ones. your warm little hands, which I used to tease you and say how similar they are to my children's.

I will miss that beautiful smile of yours, with which you greeted me saying ‘’good morning, my sweetie’, as you typically called me.

You said softly ‘’come daughter, let's take a selfie, let's we have to remember them’’ you said it like you knew it…..

You were serious when you needed to be, funny where you needed to be, you were a kind soul, you were a girl who stood out in my heart.

Here in this photo, it was our first meeting after graduation, that we had dared to say out loud our dreams, our plans. You had already been selected as a master's degree in the field of prosthetics, which you wanted so much and you finished and made your dreams come true.

«Μου ελεγεσ ελα κ ρη βγαζουμε selfie να θυμoμαστε, λες κα ι το orξερες» (ΒINTEO)

You were telling us how grateful you were for your parents, who support you in your every step and how one day you will repay them…..

How can I forget with how much warmth and enthusiasm you spoke about Dimitris and how one day you would meet us.

This day was the last time I hugged you my little one, this day you told us about all your dreams and everyone you had in your heart&hellip?

Who dared to take these dreams from you, who dared to take you away from us. I will not say goodbye my little one because you will live forever in my heart.

See you again my little one!!!

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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