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Youth Dynamics: Educational seminar on digital entrepreneurship

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Youth Dynamics: Εκπαιδευτ ικσεμινàριο για την ψηφιακor ε&pi ιχειρηματικότητα

The educational seminar “Entrepreneurship is online” is hosted in Nicosia, between April 19-25, 2023, by the youth organization Youth Dynamics.

According to an announcement by Youth Dynamics, 15 youth workers from Cyprus, Spain, Denmark and Italy are participating in the program organized as part of the ERASMUS+ key action 2.

The theme of the project is the digital transition and the promotion of online entrepreneurship among young people.

During the program, participants using various non-formal learning methods, will exchange good practices and develop innovative tools, guides and techniques that can be used from those young people who want to deal with digital entrepreneurship.

In most business sectors, such as banking, retail, hotels, music and reservations, products, services and marketing are becoming increasingly digital. This digital revolution has transformed the very nature of these industries and the way businesses compete and advertise

Through the program of activities young people will focus on how to manage digital systems and how to use these systems to make data-based decisions.

Every day all businesses face challenges and problems regardless of whether they are traditional or e-businesses Digital-online-digital businesses have these challenges too.

An example of a challenge is how to get their mobile customers to buy from them. Another challenge, how they will gain readability of their brand. Another challenge is how they will use social media to achieve the above, etc.

According to the announcement, through various lectures, presentations and discussions the participants will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications to face these challenges.

It is reported that upon completion of the educational seminar, the participants are expected to  acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of digital business and understand the current trends of digital business transformation, acquire skills in the analysis of leadership and finance, digital business strategy and understand the contemporary political, economic and social context of digital business environment.

Also, it is added, to develop communication skills both verbally and in writing for effective communication with customers and suppliers, and to communicate the requirements, specifications and design of products or services, to collaborate effectively in diverse teams and work as a team member to solve real-world problems and understand the important role of professional and ethical behavior in the business world and digital businesses.

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