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YPAN: We are fighting for a fair, sustainable and functional solution in Cyprus

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    What he said on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the illegal Turkish invasion and continued occupation of Cyprus

    We are fighting at a diplomatic level in order to achieve, through peaceful dialogue, a fair, sustainable and functional solution for Cyprus, said the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Dr. Athena Michailidou in her greeting at the opening of the artistic creation created by students of Xylofagos High School, on the occasion of the completion of 50 years since the illegal Turkish invasion and continued occupation of Cyprus, on Monday evening. p>

    Ms. Michailidou praised “the educational and student community of the school for undertaking this initiative”.

    He added that this initiative proves their commitment “to actions that favor the healthy development and evolution of the character of the new generation. At the same time, it proves that all teachers” recognize the high function they perform and are not limited to the simple performance of their duties, but seek, through the implementation of additional targeted actions, the all-round education of students.

    At the same time, he continued, “the increased willingness and participation of the student community in these actions, causes particular emotion and optimism, since it emphasizes and anticipates their own contribution to the creative development of a healthy society, but also the building of world peace and justice. Goods which we expect to be established in our country through the end of the Turkish occupation, which has left our country divided for 50 years, depriving the citizens of their basic human rights”.

    A full fifty years, said the Minister of Education, “during which the people of Cyprus continue to measure and mourn the tragic consequences, which, among others, concern the forced displacement, the dead, the injured and the missing, the of our cultural and religious heritage, the alteration of the demographic character of our island. This painful reality delimits our own responsibility and debt, which require us to fight for the liberation of our homeland”. level, in order to achieve through peaceful dialogue a fair, sustainable and functional solution for our country”.

    Referring to the artistic creation, Ms. Michailidou said that “it consists of 50 Idols-Figures that symbolize the 50 years of the Turkish occupation. Fifty figures that will remain still and unmoving. They will remain unmoved by our goal, insisting that we will continue to claim the prevalence of inalienable human rights and justice in our country, that we will continue to fight for a free homeland”.

    It is precisely this pursuit, he continued, “that we set as a priority through the promotion of the timeless goal of “I Know, I Don't Forget, I Claim”, which is implemented in our schools. To bring alive in the eyes and souls of our male and female students our occupied land, the history, legends and local traditions of each region, to preserve their image as well as the desire to return to our ancestral homes”.

    He also said that “the most important thing is that the values ​​of freedom, justice and love for one's fellow man and the country are cultivated in children, making them active citizens and protagonists of the future, in terms of asserting the local but also of world peace”.

    He praised the contributors to this “major” effort, as he described it, and noted that “the Ministry is on their side”, strengthening their efforts to carry out the demanding task which foresees the work of teachers for the benefit of our children and wished “soon we can inaugurate a new creation inspired by our now free homeland”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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