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YPOIK: Preliminary draft to the Commission for € 968 million.

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YPOIK: Preliminary draft to the Commission for € 968 million.

The Minister of Finance Konstantinos Petridis informed on Thursday the Council of Ministers regarding the submission of the draft Plan of Recovery and Sustainability to the European Commission on 26/1/2021, for the purpose of starting consultations with the aim of finalizing it and submitting the final Plan. for approval by the EU Council of Ministers.

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According to a statement from the Directorate-General for European Coordination and Development Programs, the Recovery and Sustainability Plan consists of five Policy Pillars: “Public health and civil protection – lessons from the pandemic”, “Rapid transition to a green economy”, “Strengthening resilience” and the competitiveness of the economy “,” Towards a digital age “,” Labor market, education and human capital “.

The draft of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan was prepared based on the Outline of Strategy and Policy Axes of the Plan, which was approved by the Council of Ministers on 21/8/2020 (No. 89.919) and on the basis of cooperation with the competent Ministries / Undersecretariats and consultation with the social partners, parliamentary parties and other stakeholders in order to absorb the € 968 million (2018 prices) allocated to Cyprus by the EU Recovery and Resilience Fund.

It is noted that the draft, as submitted, has a total budget of € 1.2 billion, including the national contribution. Of these, at least 37% should be allocated to actions to address climate change and at least 20% to actions for the digital transition.

It is also stated that in view of the important role that the House of Representatives will play in the adoption of reforms with legislative aspects, which will be a condition for the payment of EU funds to Cyprus, based on a relevant Decision of the Council of Ministers dated. 16/12/2020, a Committee consisting of representatives of the Parliamentary Parties was set up and on 2/2/2021 a consultation with the Committee was started, regarding the content of the Plan. Based on the same Decision, the Economic and Competitiveness Council will be consulted in order to further align the Recovery and Sustainability Plan with the Long-Term Development Strategy, which is being prepared under the auspices of the Council.

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