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Zelensky nails in Macron: “To be a leader, you must also behave as a leader!”

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Some people want to be leaders. “To be a leader, you do not need to consider yourself a leader, but to behave like a leader,” Zelensky told the Financial Times.

He even asked “how can we achieve a ceasefire on the territory of Ukraine without listening to the position of the country and without listening to the position of the leader of this country?”, something that, as he said, surprises him very much On May 28, Emanuel Macron and Olaf Soltz contacted Vladimir Putin, renewing a request for a ceasefire. fire. At the same time, they called on the Russian president to have direct contacts with his Ukrainian counterpart.

“We are not going to humiliate anyone,” Zelensky replies to Macron. em> “We must not humiliate Russia, so that on the day the fighting stops we can make an exit (from the crisis) by diplomatic means. “I am convinced that France's role is to be a mediating power.”

We are not going to humiliate anyone”Zelensky. “ We will answer in the same way “, he added. The President of Ukraine stated that he was prepared for negotiations with Russia. However, he made it clear that the only person with whom he could discuss the end of the war was Vladimir Putin.

“Any war must end at the negotiating table.” he said. «This is exactly what happened in history. “I am still determined and determined, whether I like it or not, I am ready for direct negotiations with President Putin if we are ready to seriously discuss ending this war.” But he said he “just can not see the conditions for ending the war.” Zelenski said, clarifying that the position for “victory must be achieved on the battlefield”.

“Independence, in my opinion, and in the opinion of most of our people, means the recovery of all our territories, the restoration of all our territorial integrity and the inviolable sovereignty of Ukraine,” Zelensky said. His country has lost too many people to simply cede territory.

Global threat The problem with grain exports

Zelensky He also stressed that the blockade of ports by Russia, which impedes grain exports, “is a global threat”.

only one side of this threat & # 8230; This is the Russian Federation. There is no dialogue here. “This is a very specific, tangible threat to Asia, Africa and some countries in Europe,” he said.We understand that the consequent consequences may be hunger and migration that will affect Europe. Therefore, the consequences can be very serious, “he warned.” And everyone knows for sure that we will not leave Russian ships in Ukrainian ports. because they attack us on a daily basis, and everyone knows that Ukraine is ready to export everything (grain) it has. We are ready for normal civilized conditions, but on safe terms. “

” Very happy for Boris Johnson “

Its president < He also said he was "very happy" that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had won a vote of confidence on Monday, saying he was "a true friend of Ukraine". "

I'm glad we did not lose a very important ally, “Zelensky told the Financial Times. “This is great news.” “Boris is very focused on supporting Ukraine,” Zelensky said. Johnson met with Zelensky in Kyiv in April.

Source: politis.com.cy

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