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Zemenidis: Under discussion is the abolition of US visas for Cypriots

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Ζεμενλδησ: Υπ συζorτηση η καταργηση βiζας ΗΠΑ γ&iota ;α Κyπριους

Under discussion is the abolition of visas for Cypriots from the US, as well as financial aid to Cyprus, the Executive Director of the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC), Eddie Zemenidis, told KYPE, pointing out the progress achieved in the bilateral relations between Cyprus and the United States America.

In his statements at KYPE, Mr. Zemenidis referred to the close relations of Cyprus and Greece with the USA, the progress that has been achieved in recent years with the contribution of the Greek-American community and commented , also the presidential elections being held today in Turkey.

Asked to comment on the participation of more than 40 members of parliament and senators at the 38th annual Conference of PSEKA, held in Washington on May 9-11, Mr. Zemenidis described it as impressive. "With what has been going on lately, such as the war in Ukraine, it was impressive that 40 MPs and Senators attended the conference, and indeed some of the most important", he said.

He added that "it is important that he is so appreciated not only by the expatriate community, but also by Greece and Cyprus. We cannot imagine and we must not forget where we were five years ago and compare it with today.

He further referred to the progress that has been made in recent years in the relations between Cyprus and Greece with the US State Department and said that "the most impressive thing I heard was what MP David Cicilline said", whom he cited. As Mr. Zemenidis said, Mr. Cicilline said "who would have imagined 10 years ago when I met you that today we would get here. If the East Med Act had passed, Greece and Cyprus would have been at the center of American policy, we would have succeeded in lifting the embargo. But here we are today and with such foundations we can go further.

Asked about a possible policy change in the Cyprus issue after the presidential elections in Turkey, Mr. Zemenidis said that we will have to wait and see.

"There is a lot going on right now. We have to see what will happen with the elections in Turkey, the changes and opportunities when the elections are over. And not because one [presidential candidate] is better than the other, not because they will be friendlier or more peaceful but because Turkey has huge economic needs. He [the next Turkish President] will have to change course if he wants to have support from America and Europe, otherwise he will be destroyed financially,», he said.

Erdogan already has a big problem with inflation, he has a lot of debt, he has spent all the funds to be re-elected president, he commented. "He gave 45% increases to the public sector and I don't understand what money he will have in the summer," Mr. Zemenidis added. “Turkey should reconcile with the West for the financial aid it will need,” he said and noted that Turkey “can't get along with the West as long as it has these positions vis-à-vis Greece and Cyprus.” .

The executive director of HALC also referred to the new US ambassador in Nicosia, saying that «for the first time we see such a good choice in American diplomacy. It reminds me a little of the case of Pyatt when he went to Greece. The fact that he took office almost at the same time as President Christodoulides' term began is important, he noted.

«We see a lot happening, both in defense and in policy towards Russia, but they are under discussion. some excellent ideas regarding the abolition of visas and other financial aid to Cyprus,'' Mr. Zemenidis added.

«I thought that the closer Nicosia-Washington bilateral relations become the easier it will be. the solution. For decades we did the opposite. We were holding bilateral relations “hostage”. in the Cyprus issue and for’ this was nothing. If we do the opposite, we may have some results, concluded Mr. Zemenidis.

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Source: www.sigmalive.com

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