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Zero increases in 2024 for yacht owners in Larnaca marina

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The announcement of Kition Ocean Holdings.

Μηδενικς αυξorσεις το 2024 στους &iota ;διοκτorτες σκαφoν αναψυχorς στη μ&alpha ;ρiνα Λaρνακας

Zero increases in mooring fees for 2024 for yacht owners in Larnaca marina, Kition Ocean Holdings announced. In an announcement of the company it is stated that “at an event held on Thursday, September 21, for its clients at the Larnaca marina, Panos Alexandrou, founder of Kition, stated that the decision for zero increases for 2024 in berthing fees came after many internal meetings of the company for the period 2023-2024 and is an indication of its commitment to maintaining positive relations with boat owners”.

He also announced the company's decision “to bear the cost of more than 100 thousand euros for the purchase and installation of a small dock, which will be placed on the side of the existing wooden dock, so that mini-cruises can be carried out smoothly and tourists can be served, for the next three years, during which the projects will be built in the Larnaca marina”.

This move, explained Panos Alexandrou, “is done as a sign of goodwill and desire of the investors in the Larnaca marina, to cooperate with the boat professionals and to support and reduce as much as possible, the effects that may arise during the development of the project . Another goal of the company is the historic dock, which is being upgraded to become a pole of attraction for visitors and residents of Larnaca,” he said.

He also stated that “the wharf will become more attractive and our goal is to enhance the visibility of pleasure boats and give the public the opportunity to walk on the wharf, to be able to spend quality time with music and food, while at the same time watching the development of the works in the marina safely”.

Referring to the event for the clients of the marina, Panos Alexandrou said that “this was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better and create bonds. The company aims to maintain good relations and effective communication with boat owners”.

He also added that “boat owners will have the opportunity to submit to the company their suggestions and the small issues that arise, in order to discuss and jointly decide on sustainable solutions. We rely on building relationships and aim to avoid disputes through proper communication and the cooperation of all involved,” he said.

Mr. Alexandrou commented on reports that talk about delays in the project and explained that there were issues of stability of the historic building “Nautilus” and in some places on the dock, for which a lot of work under water was needed. The building had deteriorated over the years, while the asbestos roof was removed, actions that caused some delays”.

He also noted that “at the beginning of 2024, it is expected that the work on the restoration of the wharf will be completed, so that the laying of the foundation stone can take place in April and the major works will follow, inside the marina and the construction works towards Dekelia road. At the same time, the company has entered into partnerships with well-known houses to develop the marina and adapt it to the standards of state-of-the-art marinas”.

According to the announcement “Kition Ocean Holdings assures that all actions focus on cooperation with all agencies and partners, to upgrade maritime tourism and attract tourists and locals, who will be able to enjoy the Larnaca marina during the works”.

It is also stated that “the upgrade and repair of the existing docks and dredging, are planned to be carried out simultaneously with the works at the marina. The company's technical teams will be asked to carry out the work as soon as possible, in order not to affect the daily smooth operation of the marina”. , to ensure the unhindered operation of activities inside and outside the marina, by boat owners and visitors”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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