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Zeta Theodoropoulou: My husband has been having a parallel relationship for months and it was driving me crazy

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    ΖΕτα Θεοδωροπ&omicron λοοσουδιεπαλ ησηεεεε ; τρελor

    He chose to provoke me, she explained in her long post about Panagiotis Takhtsidis

    Zeta Theodoropoulou uploaded a long text on Instagram, through which she proceeds to reveal for her separation from Panagiotis Takhtsidis. The My Style Rocks player reported that her husband was having an affair, which he did not admit for a long time.

    Finally, the footballer, as she writes, decided to confess everything to her and so they officially proceeded with the procedures to issue their divorce.

    ΖΕτα Θεοδωροπο λοοσουδιεπαλ ηχσεεεε τρελor

    Zeta Theodoropoulou's post

    Her story began as follows: “I never imagined that I would enter this process, to expose my personal life. But sometimes it's necessary and since you keep asking me every day, it's time to talk about the difficult personal period I'm going through. While I have the pleasure of being in the game for almost five months now, I am also in a very bad psychological state regarding my family”.

    Along the way, she emphasized: “For so long I have been trying to cope with a difficult and demanding game and at the same time to hide the deception from my own husband who for months has been maintaining a parallel relationship for which for months he drove me crazy despite the shaky evidence and evidence I had. The first time in months that he came to Greece was the same day I had a fainting episode on the show because I suffer from orthostatic hypotension.

    And when they informed him he said that he is out of Greece and can't do anything, but at the same time and night he was having fun with her in a well-known Athenian center where I found out the next day when I woke up from a well-known gossip account on Instagram and he sent me videos and photos . Since then I have been fighting daily for my physical and mental health, but also with three autoimmune diseases that I have acquired from sadness and – 5 kg that I have lost”.

    As for the divorce, Zeta Theodoropoulou seems to be determined.< /p>

    “And at the same time raising three children by myself, and the obligations required for them and a house. In all these months I have never had an explanation from him and I expected him to come back a few days ago so that he admits everything and we proceed with divorce proceedings this week. Everything has its limits. At the moment that I am in Athens, they sent me a photo of this particular one from Nafplio, a place that all of you who have been following me for years know very well that our children were raised there for nine summers.

    And the worst thing is that the photo is from a place where he was taking me and I have taken photos a few times. So now you know the reason why you saw me collapse despite my best efforts to save my crown and my home. It takes strength with all this to be able to accept not only the pressure but also the criticism of nine teammates and three judges every day,” she wrote.

    Also, she wanted to explain that it is not jealousy, but emphasized that it is a matter of dignity .

    “And I mention this not as jealousy or wounded female ego but as self-respect and dignity. Things he didn't have and won't get. He chose to challenge me and it's not the first time. But everything has its limits. Because provoking in a foreign country is very different from provoking in Greece and let alone in places where you went together, since I haven't gotten a divorce yet” she adds.

    Addressing the women who follow her on Instagram, Zeta Theodorakopoulou concluded:

    “So I am addressing all the women out there, the mothers who have been wronged, cheated and have believed but also invested in a marriage full of dreams and hopes, like me with my patience and persistence. Raising our children alone for four years, waking up alone and sleeping alone but also feeding on false hopes, that you don't give up and from your ashes you are born again and come out stronger.

    Thank you very much to the people around me who support me morally and financially all this time and to all of you for your support and support as well as your daily love. Thank you very much and remember that in life everything is a choice. And by them we are judged and define our future”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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