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ZORPAS Bakeries support Europa Donna Cyprus with the “Care Cookie”

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“We take care of each moment”

Οι Φούρνοι ΖΟΡΠΑΣ στηρΙζουν τ&eta ;ν Europa Donna Κyπρου με το «Μπισκoτο ΦροντΙ&delta ;ας»

March 8th has been established as the International Women's Day and Zorpas Bakeries honors the milestone day by supporting the multidimensional work of Europa Donna Cyprus for the 9th consecutive year.

Zorpas Bakeries presents the “Care Cookie” with the characteristic pink ribbon, a symbol of breast cancer awareness. The cookie has been leavened with the pure ingredients of love, respect and timeless values ​​of Zorpas Bakery, sending a reminder to all women that they should prioritize their own health, always taking care of themselves.

This year's campaign, “WE TAKE CARE OF US EVERY MOMENT” will be strengthened with the participation of women belonging to the workforce of Zorpas Ovens who tell real stories of women who have experienced breast cancer, as entrusted to Europa Donna Cyprus. The aim of the action is to send the message of prevention even louder.

On behalf of Zorpas Ovens, Mrs. Sofia Tsene, Group Marketing Manager of the Zorpas Group, said: “For Zorpas Ovens, March 8th is a day of honor for all women who, with their important and multidimensional role, shape the modern people. And this year, we stand by the side of Europa Donna Cyprus and send a message of optimism, hope and care, with the aim of reminding that health and its protection through preventive checks must be a priority for each of us”.

On behalf of Europa Donna Cyprus, the Executive Director Mr. Marios Charalambidis stated: We express our warm thanks and our boundless gratitude to Fournos Zorpas, for their very important and long-term support to Europa Donna Cyprus. The joint actions of the two Organizations effectively strengthen the great effort we make to properly inform, enlighten and raise public awareness, to provide support to patients and their family members, as well as to assert patients' rights”.

< p>“The Care Biscuit” is available in all Zorpas Bakeries throughout Cyprus and with each purchase, the amount of €0.50 will be allocated to support Europa Donna Cyprus.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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