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5-stage plan for upgrading a pseudo-state

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5-stage plan for upgrading a pseudo-state

Turkey is putting on track its plans to upgrade the pseudo-state and demand a two-state solution in Cyprus. A Turkish plan cited in an article in the Turkish daily Sabah fully reveals the Erdogan government's plans for Cyprus, which began with financial support for the occupied territories through Ankara funding and led to the illegal opening of the besieged city of Famagusta. for tourist exploitation of the area.

According to the information of the GTP, the Sabah newspaper in yesterday's article entitled “5-Stage Plan on the TRNC” writes that after the recent statement of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said that “there is no other way out in Cyprus other than the solution on the basis of two states “, the road map that Turkey will follow and the” tdbk “which is related to the” tdbk “have been clarified.

According to the newspaper, the priority of their actions will be the development of the “tdbk” economy. In the framework of the signing of the “fiscal and economic cooperation protocol for 2021” an amount of 2.5 billion TL will be granted to the “TRNC” and steps will be taken regarding institutional reforms but also to meet the needs in the transport sector, energy and infrastructure. Emphasis will also be placed on the development of agricultural production in the “tdbk”, the newspaper notes.

For the opening of the enclosed city of Varosia, the newspaper notes that the area of Varosia will be rebuilt in order to open it for tourism. The newspaper also adds that activities will be supported to promote and upgrade the tourist potential of the region but also to promote the “history, culture and natural wealth of the TRNC” to the world.


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Regarding the road network and the transport infrastructure in the occupied territories, the newspaper notes that it was decided to revise the master plan for the highways for the years 2021-2030 “and within this framework the road network and all the roads in the occupied territories will be renewed. will become two-way.

On the energy issue, efforts will be made to provide low-cost electricity. In this context, two mobile power plant units will be erected in a short period of time, while the existing power generation facilities will be maintained at the same time.

The daily says that the biggest change will be in the “system of government” in the occupied territories, as there are thoughts that the “tdbk” will move to a “presidential system” or a “strengthened presidential system” as is the case in Turkey. With the gradual implementation of all these steps, the newspaper notes, there will also be intensive diplomatic mobility for the recognition of “tdbk”.

The daily also highlights the 4 important agreements recently signed between Turkey and the occupiers, which are the first steps in the new era.

These concern the “agreement on the implementation of the e-government system between the Prime Minister of the TRNC and the digitization of the presidency between Turkey and the TRNC”, the “master plan for highways for the years 2021-2022 between the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the TRNC “, the” Framework Agreement on the Establishment and Establishment of a Research Center of the Ankara University of Social Sciences in the TRNC “and the” Cooperation Agreement between the Turkish Town Hall Association and the Turkish Cypriot town halls “.

Declaration “in favor of a two-state solution”

According to the report, Cumhuriyet also reported in a recent article that retired Ambassador Tugay Oluchevik called on the Turkish National Assembly's parliamentary parties to issue a joint statement, supporting the Turkish President's statement that except for the two-state solution “.

Retired Ambassador Oluchevik, in statements to the newspaper, argued that the declaration for two states in Cyprus at the highest level in Turkey, is a historic focal point in the Cyprus issue, adding that it should be understood that the solution will be based on sovereign equality of two states.

“This issue must be turned into a common political will of the Turkish National Assembly. “It would be very important, from a national point of view, for all parties in the Turkish National Assembly, leaving aside their differences in domestic politics, to issue a joint declaration in favor of a two-state solution in Cyprus.” before any meeting on Cyprus under the auspices of the UN.

Source: www.philenews.com

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