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Administrator: Racist motives for violent attacks on foreign food distributors racist

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Of concern are the recent incidents that have come to light regarding the violent attacks against foreign food distributors that have taken place in recent days in the city and province of Nicosia and which may be motivated by racist and xenophobic motives, says Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights Maria Stylianou-Lottidi, in her own position on the issue.

In particular, he notes, according to press reports and internet posts, the reported attacks, which are also confirmed by the Police, took place on February 13, 2022, when a group of minors surrounded foreign food distributors, who were taken off their mopeds and The distributors then invited their compatriots who came to the scene, as well as the parents of the young people.

Following the intervention of the Police, the escalation of the clash was avoided, while, in the meantime, a total of three food distributors and four young people were injured, while a 52-year-old parent was arrested for attacking a food distributor. In addition to this incident, the Police have also recorded incidents of theft and robbery against food distributors and for this purpose it has increased its patrols to combat the phenomenon.

The Commissioner notes that her intervention, on her own initiative, is carried out under her responsibilities as the Agency for Equality and Anti-Discrimination and as the National Authority for Human Rights, due to the seriousness of the incidents, as at first sight they appear to be racist targeting blind people because of their profession (moped food distributors) whether they are, or are perceived to be, foreigners.

In such cases, he says, the various government agencies must act promptly, effectively and decisively, in light of the state's given responsibility to effectively combat racism and discrimination and to protect all persons within its territory regardless of origin, color, religion, ethnicity or ethnicity.

Racist behavior and hate crimes

The Commissioner states that the increased value of racism lies in the fact that it denies the fundamental principle that all people are equal and that no group of persons is hierarchically superior or inferior to any other. And this, he continues, because hate crimes are blind and unprovoked crimes that are not related to any individual behavior of the victim, but are due, in whole or in part, to hostility and prejudice against ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, sexual, etc. a. his identity.

“These incidents, individually or not, in addition to being criminal offenses, affect the culture and values ​​of the state and society itself. Therefore, the state has an increased obligation to act preventively, deterrently and repressively against racism and intolerance and to protect their real and potential victims “, he adds.

Legal Protection >

The Commissioner refers to the Framework Decision 2008/913/JHA of the Council of the European Union on combating certain forms and manifestations of racism and xenophobia and says that the principles contained therein have been incorporated into the Cypriot legal order by the Law on Combating Certain Forms Manifestations of Racism and Xenophobia through Criminal Law. , which requires an intensive and collective response from all stakeholders “, he adds.

Recognizing the need for a collective response to the phenomenon, within the framework of our responsibilities as an Anti-Discrimination Agency, he states, we have taken a joint initiative with the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights & # 8211; ODIHR). of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), for the development and promotion of interagency co-operation between competent public authorities and civil society actors, in order to more effectively deal with hate crimes in Cyprus.

“In the framework of this cooperation, a Working Group has already been set up with the responsibility to define and promote specific actions that will strengthen and improve the framework for dealing with racist crimes in Cyprus and supporting victims. “, Notes.

The incident in question

In this case, says the Commissioner, we should not miss the young man of the age of the majority of the perpetrators, a fact which should concern us, on the one hand, regarding the emergence of a new form of juvenile delinquency, and, on the other, about the purpose of the specific offenses which were our fellow human beings originating from third countries motivated by their protected characteristics.

As a result, he continues, it appears that minors have not been educated to rule out intolerant practices and are likely to engage in possible violent acts, selecting their victims based on these characteristics.

“The rise of juvenile delinquency, at least in this form, should therefore be radically addressed from childhood, in order to shape the character and behavior of children that reflects feelings of love, compassion and acceptance towards all their fellow human beings. “, He adds.

Therefore, he notes, if anything this attack has shown is the immediate need for education, the existence of which would prevent” crime and punishment “for such possible offenses.

Therefore, he continues, the intervention of the State is imperative. “The adequacy of the state's response to extreme xenophobia and racism reflects the state's commitment to the principles of human dignity, equality, freedom and democracy. The state should not remain silent and silent in the face of any racist incident.” “, He adds.

And if this education is missing from home, he says, it should be found in places where the State has an obligation to make every effort for the global education and critical thinking of tomorrow's adult, such as schools and universities.

The Commissioner points out that in this direction, the trainings and seminars are targeted at schools run by the Office, under the responsibility of the Commissioner as an Equality and Anti-Discrimination Agency and as a National Human Rights Authority. The specific trainings seek to consolidate a culture of respect for diversity and to combat any form of discriminatory behavior, treatment or actions towards groups of persons due to their characteristics, is added.

“In view of this, and in view of the cooperation of our Office with the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the OSCE, a meeting will be sought with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, to expand and further intensify these seminars and trainings for children from their education in primary education, so that when they grow up they are not possessed by feelings of hatred and disgust towards our fellow human beings with different characteristics but to treat them as equal members of a world society “, the Commissioner concludes.

The report is submitted to the Minister of Justice and Public Order and Chief of Police but also to the Minister of Education and Culture, Sports and Youth for the part of the actions that fall within their responsibilities.

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Minors attack foreign food distributors & # 8211; Police investigation in progress (video)

Source: politis.com.cy

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