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AKEL is working on the final list of candidates for the presidency

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In the next ten days, AKEL will have completed the first stage of its decisions on its course in the presidential elections of '23. Yesterday, “P” announced the action plan of AKEL for the next days, since next Friday and the following Saturday, through its senior governing bodies, they will make a proposal to the party base to discuss a proposed candidacy for the presidency. . The next few days, therefore, until the meeting of the Politburo on May 7 and the meeting of the Central Committee on May 8, will be spent, as it seems, in internal processes within the party so that the two potential candidates, Achilleas Dimitriadis and Andreas Mavrogiannis, go through the microscope of the concerns of the active executives again and again, so that the discussions in the Central Committee are conducted on the basis of rational criteria. It is clear that any decision left by the Central Committee on the basis of the party should have convincing features without any gaps in the argumentation, taking into account the fact that the decision is de facto difficult. Whatever the final decision of the Central Committee, it does not “raise expediencies, nor emotions”, a party official told “P”.

Shaped trend

As “P” is informed, both in the Party Secretariat and in the Politburo there is a shaped tendency in a specific direction. However, at the moment, and mainly due to the correlation of forces in the Central Committee, everything is fluid. It should be noted, however, that it is not yet clear whether the Central Committee of more than 100 members will send one or more suggestions to the base. In the party groups, however, it is more than certain that there will be a tendency for another or other candidacies, and which, depending on their acceptance, will most likely create new facts.

Yesterday, speaking on Omega's TV show “Information Now”, AKEL General Secretary Stefanos Stefanou did not deny the party's information and concerns regarding the candidacies before the bodies. At the same time, he did not appear specific about the existing list of candidates, while he did not deny that before Easter he had contacts, both with Andreas Mavrogiannis and with Achilleas Dimitriadis. However, as he noted, there are procedures in the party that must be followed before the final decisions are made, and which we will preserve “.

According to the general secretary of AKEL:

    < li> The party is in the last party of its process
  • Processes have two main pillars. One concerns the completion of contacts with the other parties and the second the completion of the procedures within the party on the basis of its statute

No DIKO for Mavrogiannis

However, it should be noted that in relation to the first pillar concerning the dialogue with the other parties, it seems unlikely that there will be a revival of the dialogue with DIKO. This is at least what Democratic Party officials are trying to convey to the media. In fact, yesterday Chrysis Pantelidis confirmed, in the show “Morning Inspection” of POLITIS 107.6 and 97.6, the information that the name of Andreas Mavrogiannis has been rejected by DIKO when he was proposed along with other names by AKEL. Hezekia Papaioannou also has no illusions that DIKO will overturn the decision of the Executive Office and return to dialogue with AKEL. What matters is the fact that the statement is made by an executive who was clearly a supporter of the dialogue and undoubtedly in favor of the cooperation with AKEL throughout the previous period.

Source: politis.com.cy

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